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You are doing what you do great. Only the intention to help is enough. You can be sure I won’t post anymore contradicting anything I read here. I didn’t joined this forum for that. I have had enough debates and confrontations about myths and stories about this syndrome in Curezone and the candida yahoo group I write. I apologize if my posts have made you feel bad.
I have read some posts in this forum and found things that contradict what I have learned about this syndrome so far. It doesn’t mean what you are advocating doesn’t work or doesn’t help. I have had to change many things during my learning curve about this problem, and guaranty you, I have made a lot of mistakes.
Anyway, regarding to probiotics, I will tell you I recognize the role of pharmaceutical probiotics offering benefits to the gut and many other body functions. I have used them a lot, specially when I began to battle my health problems. I have no doubt they can help but my own story tells me they aren’t the solution. Speaking about my personal case, I will tell you I believed I was cured 2 times after following intensive anticandida treatments. The second time, the relapse was after a very well planned protocol where probiotics and prebiotics were part. I have spent hundreds buying top market quality probiotics but no getting the results I was expecting. It wasn’t until I learned they don’t offer permanent colonization that I stopped use them. But later, I learned more, the bacterial species present in current probiotics aren’t the predominant bacterias in the gut microbiota ecology. They aren’t the main enterotypes that dominate the colon , and this can imply they aren’t the main antagonist bacterias to candida even when some of them have shown antifungal activity. At that point, my hope to recover the intestinal flora was totally lost. Even Wikipedia had an statement that said ” it looks like the human bacterial flora can not be recovered one time it is lost “. It was updated and later removed.
Going to the point, I have had 4 CDSA during the years. The first 3 were during a time where I took more than a liter of Kefir a day, cambucha, rejuvelac, massive doses of probiotics including Total Immune Booster, Primal Defense, Dr. Oshira, VSL-3, Flora Prime, PB-8, LGG, L. Reuteri, V-299, etc. Well, the first 3 CDSA never showed presence of benefical flora, but only a very low level of Bifidus. Then, during 2010, I began to research Fecal Transplants and HPI (have many papers about them and several professional protocols) Then, I did a DIY transplant at home using my daughter as a donor. End of the story, my 4 CDSA showed Lactobacillus 3+, E. Coli 3 +, and Bifidobactirium 4+. Still, I have an intestinal fungal overgrowth. So, my first belief blaming lack of friendly flora as responsible of an intestinal fungal overgrowth wasn’t demonstrated. Since that, I have read a lot about fecal transplants and believe it is the only way available so far to recover a human origin indigenous gut microbiota. It is the only demonstrated way so far that offer permanent colonization of the gut. I believe CRC is more linked to an immunologic problem than the bacterial flora. I have reasons to believe in it. Some of them are several articles written by the man who discovered this syndrome, Dr. Orian Truss.
Now you see why pharmaceutical probiotics aren’t my last cup of wine !