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Marbro wrote: I suspect that eating meat daily will be alright for me as well no doubt I desire so damn much but im scared to because the warning I have read. So I am going to go from 3 days a week to 4 and so on to see if it is effecting me.

could I ask, why buffalo is ok but not say grass fed organic beef?

This is just a suggestion, and one I would follow myself were I still on the diet, but when you’re taking into account the foods that another person is eating without problems, you might want to consider where their position is in the treatment, and if they fail to mention this, maybe ask them. For example, when Raster refers to eating 5 ½ pounds of meat a week, these are, supposedly, the words of someone who does not have a Candida infestation; of course this is an assumption due to his post on March 27, “It took me 9 months to recover from candida and cure myself.” So anyone with a Candida infestation should not follow Raster’s present protocol since he apparently doesn’t have a Candida infestation, and therefore he wouldn’t receive the same reactions that others may experience from the foods and amounts he eats. The point is, maybe Raster can eat 5 ½ pounds of meat a week because he doesn’t have the same degree of infestation that you or someone else may have.

Concerning buffalo vs. beef; I think by now we all know that the problem with animal protein is the ammonia that’s released during the protein breakdown. I posted this several months ago, “All living animals have ammonia in their bodies, including humans. So when it comes to ammonia, the type of animal doesn’t matter as much as the amount of protein that the meat contains per serving.” Buffalo contains less fat than beef; less fat means more protein per ounce.