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raster wrote: It seems to be a bit much to me; but I eat quite a bit of chicken also.

I eat about 3 1/2 pound servings of chicken breast per week. Thats 1.5 pounds.

I eat chicken, lamb, buffalo sausages the rest of the week, maybe .5-1 pound per serving. So conservately, that’d be 2 pounds of sausage per week, but I think its really closer to 4 pounds per week.

Thats 5.5 pounds of meat that I eat a week total.

Are you eating it with lunch and dinner? If so, I feel that it is too much and try to reduce to 1 serving per day. Consider eating smaller breasts also.

I have eaten meat daily during the whole diet and haven’t had any problems.


I suspect that eating meat daily will be alright for me as well no doubt I desire so damn much but im scared to because the warning I have read. So I am going to go from 3 days a week to 4 and so on to see if it is effecting me.

could I ask, why buffalo is ok but not say grass fed organic beef?