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Just to recap here; no I haven’t cured my infestation completely because I still have undigested food that turns up in my stool, I still have parasites that will never go away completely, and I still smoke, and I still don’t feel 100%. I am not going around saying I am cured; you were the one that declared that when I posted that one time that I ate a hamburger and felt nothing as far as symptoms.

But my leaky gut is cured and I no longer get food reactions…and that is a major accomplishment in itself. That means I really did a good job healing myself and this monster is in its last throes. I feel 90% good most of the time instead of 10% or 1% when I started the diet.

I don’t believe that eating this much meat (5.5 pounds per week) is overdoing it as far as feeding the candida; this is something that I feel is debeateble. It’s only one serving per day. I mean, if I were to stop eating meat for a few months…would that cure me? I certainly don’t think so; I don’t think it’d solve my problems. It could help possibly but its the only factor in my recovery.

I feel that the burden I am putting on my lungs is my culprit and look forward to quitting in the following months. I am getting married soon so its a tough time to try to do something like that. However I just switched to “ultra lights” so I am a step closer to getting there. I have never smoked ultra lights in the last 12 years I have smoked.