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Vegan Catlady
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SickofCandida;54402 wrote:

Thanks for this VeganCatLady… with all the stuff I’ve been doing, I developed terrible lower back pain. I knew it was my kidneys but couldn’t figure out what to do other than drinking lots and lots of water. Tried the yogi detox teas today thanks to your endorsement – put one bag of berry detox and the other general liver/kidney detox together, steeped for 10 minutes… it’s a few hours after just that one cup and my back pain is 75% better.

Another thanks… I started in the beginning of this week thinking I was going to starve the yeast of carbs while also taking diflucan, and after experiencing the ups and downs of that and reading your advice, I think I agree with you – I think I am hypersensitizing myself to “unsafe/cheat” foods that contain sugar (berries for one). That’s a long story (maybe for another thread), but just wanted to say that much. Oh, and that article that someone left also convinced me… the one talking about how yeast genetically adapts to become more aggressive when deprived of glucose.

Anyways, thanks for the info. This isn’t as straightforward as I thought and I think I will do much more reading before doing anything drastic, especially since I will be trying to get pregnant soon.

And Amanda, my heart goes out to you, I hope and pray you are finding relief. Please update us if you can. I wish there was something I could do to help.

If I can be of any help, please ask.

I believe strongly that everyone should have access to alternatives in medicine, whether they are inclined to do pharmaceuticals, herbs, lifestyle, prayer, WHATEVER- you should have some support.

I promise that if I try anything that works or doesnt work, im going to journal it.
I dont want anyone taking my advice unless it has been my actual experience.

One thing I feel very compelled to tell you, is that you really must clear this candida before getting pregnant.

In my research travels, one of my fave websites that was helpful with candida remedies was a pregnancy site ( I found it by accident,actually) when I look it up in my bookmarks, i will post it for you.
Many of the women posted that they had candida while pregnant…NOT FUN.
You cant take most of the meds while pregnant, you cannot take antifungals while pregnant because the resulting toxin load will affect the baby.
For them, it was very uncomfortable.
Candida over time can eat up your vitamin/mineral reserves (in my experience, B vitamins and iron)you do not want this happening while pregnant.

Take into consideration that progesterone is high in pregnancy.
Progesterone often causes an outbreak of vaginal thrush in women…sometimes every month if they already have a candida issue.

Ok enough of that. Your going to get better, and your going to have a very comfortable pregnancy because your hyper aware now of what works and doesnt work in your system 🙂

Berries btw are low in sugar,which is the perfect transition fruit. Enjoy them in some coconut yogurt, your getting antifungal coconut,mixed with berries high in ellagic acid, and a dose of probiotics to boot!

Keep me updated on how your doing 🙂 <3