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Vegan Catlady;53214 wrote: Forgot to add-

Therapy can only help.
It made sense to me when you said you had those operations- perfect opportunity for candida to take control.
your immune system was down, and guaranteed you were on antibiotics afterwards. Its probably been hanging out for some time.

Its so cool that you are able to try different doctors and therapies.
My experience has to stem from not being able to see doctors (except for my regular deficiency blood test) and doing things that do not require paying for medicine.

I think liver flushing ( depending on what is in it?) is a good idea. Find herbs to move your lymph.
The lymph system is the sewer of the body, it wants to remove stuff but cant if its congested.
A congested lymph will cause headaches in the back of the head.

YES YES YES- I DID get those asthma-symptoms and the throat closing feelings!!!!
I noticed after time that they happened after candida-fighting foods, especially coconut. I thought I was doing something wrong, and would stop taking the foods that made me feel that way because I didnt want it to get worse and it felt so bad…until I finally realized that cleaning candida out hurts,it sucks,you feel awful,it feels WORSE than having the candida, BUT its so worth it to feel relief from your symptoms.
Everytime I quit eating the foods that fought the candida (coconut, cinnamon, garlic,teas) the candida seemed to come back harder. You just have to be consistent.


I wish we weren’t on completely different coasts too. This disease make you so isolated and alone!

I spent today watching a bunch of Dr Morse youtube videos and checking out his website. I dig the raw foods but other than talking a LOT emphatically about getting the lymphs moving and proposing you buy his herbs there isn’t any actual information.

He doesn’t detail at all foods, trouble shooting or keeping your adrenals up with not eating any protein or fats at all. What are you doing for fats and protein? You do need some good fats for your brain. And protein (whether its nuts instead of meat) to keep going. I have problems with nuts as it gives me throbbing colon (diverticulitis??) with a migraine that lasts up to 6-7 days. Seriously migraine for a whole week – suicidal fantasties a LOT during those times.

How is it you are eating fruits? Everything I read is that will feed the Candida.

Talk soon.