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Thanks Able!

Few more questions if you still have patience for me 🙂

Do I need to throw out all liver or just beef liver? Would chicken or turkey liver be fine? During my sickness I was getting anemic and in life I was often anemic for whatever reason so I eat liver for the iron as it has tons of it. With cutting out red meat this would be one way to get that back. Another good way is drinking nettle tea but for some reason it bothers me. I’m not sure if it causes die-off or dehydration but I don’t feel well when drinking it. I have same experience with chamomile tea as well.

For probiotic supplement, the one I am taking has the highest count. There is another one with 8 strains of bacteria but lower count (12 x 10 to the power of 9, I guess that’s 12 billion correct?). I wanted to do count first and then later switch to get more strains. I was taking two different ones, month each with much lower count until I found more options. I will see if someone can ship me something from US but until then I’m stuck with these. So my question here is how much kefir should I drink to compensate for lack of probiotic strains? Also, I am eating raw sauerkraut few times per week which also is probiotic, but I don’t know how significant this is in terms of probiotic count and strains. I do eat sauerkraut with raw garlic though, so it’s possible that I don’t get probiotic out of it since garlic might damage it, correct?

I had two days of feeling like crap, weak, dizzy etc… If I manage to gulf down enough of the water I start to feel better so I’m guessing this is die-off. Now, I haven’t changed much in my diet so I’m not sure what caused the die-off. I did start that new probiotic (took a fifth dose last night) so possibly this one started to multiply by now and made a difference? I am careful with antifungals because I still don’t have molybdenum and I do not want to cause die-off. Can a coconut bread or coconut chips cause die-off (bread more than 3 slices, and keep in mind I am using actual coconut crumbs flour, and 50g of coconut chips)? Other things I ate on friday were eggs for breakfast + two slices of coconut bread, salad for lunch, slice of coconut bread for snack, handful of hazelnuts and almonds (this is the only thing different, I don’t usually eat nuts since I’ve adjusted my diet to the forum one but I was hungry and had nothing else at hand), baked sardines and sauteed cauliflower/broccoli leaves with olive oil and garlic for dinner, lemon water with each meal. Saturday I ate eggs + one slice of bread for breakfast, I was at my parents for lunch (it’s a weekend thing we do each weekend) and had to eat beef soup (all diet approved ingredients, mom was careful) plus small piece of cooked beef and raw sauerkraut with garlic and olive oil plus veggies from soup (onions, garlic, celery root and bell pepper), for dinner I had leftover sardines and cauliflower/broccoli leaves and 450ml of kefir, late snack was two slices of coconut bread (I was hungry).

Yesterday and today I got up dizzy, my heart was pounding and slightly faster than usual, I felt weak, it felt strange in intestines, like I have to go to the bathroom, but stool was normal consistency, I felt some nausea, numbness in my limbs etc. After I swallowed like two quarts of water in an hour period, I started to feel better. I did have my second boiled egg as a snack (I managed to eat only one for breakfast and a slice of coconut/millet bread this morning – I added millet on this bread to make it more like bread). Right now I’m a little light headed but not that bad so it passed. I would like to be careful with die-off until I get molybdenum so your advice is much appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!