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Hi Able, I am almost 2 months in now and according to Lisa Richards’ program that should be the end of the diet. My diet generally looks like this (dinner varies each day)

– breakfast: oat bran or eggs with coconut bread
– recess: no-fat yoghurt with flax seeds or almonds. Sometimes seaweed. Sometimes avocado dip
– lunch: ready for this.. a salad. A boring salad. Occasionally I’ll have quinoa with breast chicken… but that depends on dinner leftovers
– afternoon: almond butter brownies or pumpin seeds or more coconut bread
– dinner: this varies. If I’m unprepared it’ll be quinoa with chicken and broccoli. I usually end up steaming veggies and making a couple eggs, or an omelette with quinoa / oregano + olive oil. Soba noodles and seaweed is another treat. Chicken curry is also good (with coconut milk and cumin/ garam masala etc). I am not good at cooking so my meals are very basic.

In response to your second question, I think it’d be better to ask if it would make it worse. I have started reintroducing minor foods and haven’t noticed a change in symptoms. I’ve obviously benefited a lot from the diet, but it hasn’t gotten rid of the problem. So I don’t know the answer!