Do You Need To Do The Detox (And Does It Have To Be 7 Days)?

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The detox is the first stage of the diet, and it’s probably the area that causes most confusion among Candida sufferers. We are frequently asked ‘how long should I do the detox?’, ‘what do I eat on the detox?’ and ‘do I need to do the detox at all?’ On this page we’ll try to clear up some of these questions and give some guidance on why you might consider doing the detox as part of your Candida treatment.

The detox is designed to give your organs a break from the toxins that you normally consume. It’s a high fiber diet that will help to clean out your intestines, promote regular bowel movements and give your liver some time to clear out as many toxins as possible from your bloodstream. Following the detox is a great way to prime your immune system and intestines for the probiotics and antifungals in the later stages of the diet.

How long should you do the detox?

We typically recommend doing the detox for 3-7 days. However you can cut it shorter if you wish. In fact, even if you only do the detox for 2 or 3 days, it’s still better than not doing it at all. So don’t worry too much about the length of the detox, and focus instead on how it’s making you feel. Even a few days of the detox should make you feel lighter, healthier and mentally sharper.

What do you eat on the detox?

This is an easy one. Take a look at our page Foods To Eat During The Detox for all the guidance you need. It is quite a restrictive diet, but it’s not designed to be a long term eating plan. This is a short term solution that will give your important organs a break and allow them to clear as many toxins as possible out from your body.

Do you need to do the detox at all?

The detox is entirely optional. Some Candida sufferers find that it gives them a head-start in treating their overgrowth – indeed, a good detox is likely to cure your overgrowth much faster. On the other hand, some Candida sufferers find the restrictive diet on the detox just too daunting. These dieters skip straight to the next stages of the Candida diet, which can still still clear up your Candidiasis but will likely take a little longer.

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The choice is really up to you. If you are worried about losing too much weight, working long hours or under stress, the detox may be too difficult for you. But if you can set aside a week or so to really focus on your health, doing the detox is perfectly possible. You need to be prepared for some lower energy levels.

Additionally, the Ultimate Candida Diet treatment plan contains a number of alternative strategies for expelling Candida toxins.

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