Detox & Cleansing

Pantethine As A Detox Supplement

Better known as a derivative of Vitamin B5, Pantethine can be a useful part of your Candida program. Pantethine is the more active form of Pantothenic Acid, and plays an important role in energy metabolism and detoxification. Small amounts of pantethine are present in some foods, but these amounts aren’t quite enough to provide your […]

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Milk thistle seed for liver health

The Benefits Of Milk Thistle For Candida

One of the questions that we’re most often asked is “How do I cope with Candida Die-Off?” Die-Off can be a combination of headaches, nausea, breakouts and many other symptoms, and it’s the number one reason why people give up their Candida treatment. An herb named Milk Thistle can help, and you can take it all […]

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Contrast showers can help with circulation

Contrast Showers: 5 Key Benefits & The Correct Technique

Contrast showers – also known as contrast hydrotherapy – could be the easiest and most effective way to support your own immune system and detoxification pathways. It could also be hugely beneficial to your Candida cleanse program due to the way in which it helps to expel toxins from the body and support your immune […]

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Foods and supplements for your Candida cleanse diet

Candida Cleanse: How To Use Diet & Supplements To Beat Candida

You may be surprised to know that it’s quite normal to have Candida albicans in your body. In fact, almost all of us have it in some form. It’s when you have too much Candida albicans that it becomes a problem, and this is known as Candida overgrowth. A Candida cleanse is a treatment protocol […]

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Choosing the right antifungal for Candida

How To Choose An Antifungal

There are many natural antifungals that will help with Candida. Herbal remedies like oregano oil, garlic and grapefruit seed extract are all potent natural antifungals. A good antifungal or two should be one of the mainstays of your Candida treatment plan, along with probiotics and a nutritious, low sugar diet. You can start taking antifungals […]

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Candida causes

The 7 Most Common Causes Of Candida

What triggered your Candida? Was it your diet, a course of antibiotics, or a prolonged period of stress? The causes of Candida include a high sugar diet, antibiotics, chronic stress, the contraceptive pill, chemical exposure, and diabetes. Usually, two or more of these triggers are to blame. For example, a diet full of inflammatory foods […]

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Woman taking a probiotic for Candida overgrowth

Probiotics For Candida: Sources, Benefits & Recommendations

As digestive and autoimmune issues become more and more common among adults and children, gut health has never been so important. This is especially true for gut imbalances like Candida and SIBO. Thanks to decades of scientific research, probiotics are now getting the attention they deserve. Probiotics are “friendly” gut bacteria – also known as […]

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The best foods to improve your gut health: probiotics, prebiotics, bone broth, and more

The Candida Diet: An Overview

If you want to get relief from your Candida symptoms, there are some key elements that you need to include in your treatment plan. This page has a brief summary of how the diet and other elements fit together, along with lots of links to more detailed explanations. And of course the full program, which […]

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Bentonite is a toxin binder that can remove Candida metabolites like acetaldehyde from your gut

Bentonite Clay: A Natural Way To Detox

Telling someone to “eat dirt” might seem rather insulting, but under certain circumstances, it can be excellent advice! If you suffer from intestinal Candida or regular yeast infections, bentonite clay could help you get relief from your symptoms. Trends in health and wellness come and go, and there always seems to be a new superfood […]

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All about Candida

Candida Overgrowth: Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis

There is a lot of information about Candida available online, but not all of it is particularly useful. For example, you might read claims like “70% of people have Candida overgrowth.” This is not too far from the truth – a Rice University study found that 70% of us have Candida albicans in our guts. But the […]

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