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    The diet works. It may or may not take you awhile to get it right. It took me two years. It may take you less or more. Now I know how to tackle my issues when they arise and can usually cure a yeast infection, bloating, diahhreah, bad breath and all that Candida jazz within a week or so. If I get bad symptoms after taking horrible meds from doctors like antibiotics, nexium it normally takes longer and it really sets me way back. So beware.

    The farther along I came in the diet the easier it became and the quicker I could get my symptoms under control. I used to have a CONSTANT yeast infection, now I can tackle it in a week and then maintain and keep it gone for months. I still have to be careful what I eat and still trying to figure out what sets me off but for the most part I am feeling soooo much better then I was….Here’s what I did…

    1) Followed the Candida diet as indicated on this website and try not to fall off track at all for indicated time, if you do fall off track get back on the wagon ASAP. It takes a lot longer to heal but you’ll still get there. It took me two years to actually follow through completely. Like full out what they say on the website. Also seen a natoropath for guidance (get one if you can)
    2) I took and still take a 25+billion probiotic twice daily before food
    3) Alternating anti-fungal on empty stomach every morning, only one or two a day (apple cider vinegar with water, oil of oregano-not if your pregnant, pau d’arko tea) very important, there are others too these are pretty gross but they work good so I just plug my nose and get it over with fast
    4) For external vaginal infection relief:
    • anti-fungal baths/shower/washes/compress for external yeast infection(a few drops diluted tea tree, lavender or oregano oil)
    • creams found at the natural food store for yeast infections
    • coconut oil (It’s a natural antifungal and can also be used as natural lubricant for intercourse)
    • Plain yogurt
    5) For internal vaginal infection:
    • Insert a probiotic capsule into the vagina before bed. (put a pad on in the morning because it will leak out during the day)
    • insert an organic tampon that has been soaked in melted coconut oil and insert once it has cooled and leave in over night
    • Plain yogurt soaked in organic tampon and inserted in vagina
    6) Avoid harsh medications prescribed by medical doctor if your life doesn’t depend on it, it can set you back months. especially antibiotics and nexium in my experience
    7) Take apple cider vinegar diluted with water for heart burn/ acid reflux/ indigestion DO NOT take Nexium or other harsh meds if your life doesn’t depend on it
    8) Supplements taken once you are feeling better for maintenance purposes; Greens +, vitamin D (especially in northern climates), garlic supplement.
    9) EXCERSISE!!! Its going to kill them f’ers. It can sometimes be hard to get motivated and just do it. Run around the house, random jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, burpees, skipping rope, jog outside alone or with your dog, YOGA, Breath deep and LONG. Squats, rollerblading, dance like no one is watching. Get red in the face and SWEAT!! I exercise till I feel like puking. Get a video if needed. Just do it! (sorry bout the Nike reference)
    10) Drink so much water that you piss A LOT! It gets all the nasty toxins out. Like seriously 8-9 glasses a day. Always have water in your hand or at your desk or in your car whatever you do have water with you. Invest in a reusable bottle that doesn’t leech BPA.
    11) Relax! A lot of Candida can be caused by stress. Take 10 minutes a day for complete silence. Ask your partner to take care of kids, or ask your kids to take care of partner. And take time, Give yourself a massage, deep breathing, close your eyes think of your paradise. Yoga, sauna, steam bath, lay on the floor, a calm slow walk etc. whatever works for you. While at work take stretching breaks, I do it in the bathroom stall. Take moments here and there to take deep breathes. We tend to hold in our breath under stress, no good!
    12) Food Journal, Have a food journal somewhere close to your kitchen/ eating area. You can journalize your food which helps in a few ways,
    a. Helps you really see what you are eating, is it really healthy and pure and simple? Read the ingredients labels
    b. Helps you remember which day you fell off track and ate something you weren’t supposed to, then link it to your symptoms. (my symptoms are always delayed, I don’t get them right after eating something I wasn’t supposed to, I get them like a day or two after which is why it’s important to only introduce one food back in per every 2-3 days and take note on any feelings subtle or not)
    c. Once you have done the diet and started re introducing foods in slowly you can see which are your intolerances and try to stay away from them long term.
    d. You can bring your journal into your naturopath or nutritionalist, highly suggested, and they can guide you in the right direction.

    Hope this helps. It truly is/ was a long process for me. And results may vary. It’s a complete life changing diet and way of living. You have to get creative with it. But eventually you will get back on track. Your body will try to undo what harm/ environmental issues of the past. Your mission is to correct them by slowly restoring your body to health and maintaining it. And eventually you will be able to have that glass of wine and chocolate that you/I love so much, granted that you are not allergic to those things and those aren’t the factors that started your Candida.

    Good Luck!



    Hey, really helpful info there thanks so much. I myself dont actually have vaginal thrush but am suffering from candida. Im ready to start on an anti fungal and the most effective one i think is diflucan (fluconazole), its a very strong drug so doctors are very reluctant to perscribe it. To buy it it would cost me around £100 ($185) which i really dont have so im hoping i can convince my doctor to perscribe it for me. Im not sure how to approach the situation though as candida is dismissed by most medical professional so do you think id be able to convince the GP i have vaginal thrush and have him perscribe the diflucan without any examinations?? i know its abit hasty but im really confident in this drug!

    Thanks again



    Hi sash
    Thanks for the wonderful encouragement , its really great to hear some positivety for once as alot of the forum seems to be negative unforts.
    I too am on the road to recovery , im pretty much doing the same as you , although not as intense with the exercise lol.And i havent tried the yoghurt internally or the probiotic yet , what an awesome idea :-) .Again thanks for the positiveness . good luck yourself . kaye x




    I took diflucan once when my symptoms were really bad. It helped me for about a week and then my symptoms returned. However, my doctor was telling me that it could have been because my symptoms were so bad and he suggested I take it again. I haven’t took it again because it seems that my symptoms are finally under control. In Canada where I am from we can now buy diflucan over the counter. The doctor told me that Canestan now make a pill that you can buy from the drug store. I’m not sure if that’s the case in your area but its worth a look.

    Also, if you can find it the doctor prescribed me “saccharomyces boulardii” which is a strong form of probiotics they give to their patients who had a long dose of antibiotics. the pharmacist was also helpful and let me know that that is also an over the counter remedy that can be found at the drug store. If you have no luck with that being that you are in a different country and things may be different you may be able to find it at a natural food store.

    The doctor suggested taking the diflucan and saccharomyces boulardii at the same time. And also told me I may have to take diflucan more then once. However because I got so far in the diet and I feel better now for about a month I havent bothered but the saccharomyces boulardii helps for sure.



    I had a very bad case and spent a lot of money at the doctors and there meds, but that only made things worse and didn’t clear it up. The only thing that helped me was getting my ice tray and filling it half way with pro biotic yogurt and the other half with filtered water. Freeze them and then insert them two to three times a day. Mine cleared up with in 5 days! The coldness also soothes the irritation :-) hope this helps!



    Thank you so much for posting some great tips on vaginal yeast infection. I too suffer from them almost constantly so am going to give some of these ideas a try!! Thanks again.



    Hi! Thanks for posting, this is all great info!
    My vaginal infection story is a little different so I thought I might share just in case it helps someone. I had just found out about candida and started taking probiotics, some supplements, and eating a somewhat candida diet. I developed a sever vaginal infection to where I had to go to an urgent care because I was in so much pain and I could not get in to see my doctor. The doctor did the examination and then started asking relationship questions. He than told me that I have an STD and that my husband must have been unfaithful to me. I explained that was not possible. He thought that it must be a STD because how bad it was. He pressured me to taking shots for a whole bunch of STDs and told me if I did not that I might not be able to have children in the future. I told him that I would not take anything without getting real results. Plus I knew my husband would never cheat on me. A few days later I went to my regular doctor. She got the test results back and I had no STDs and nothing else was wrong. By this time I started to figured out that the proboitcs and other supplements I was taking might have shocked my system. Who would have thought that something good for me could cause such a reaction. So I stopped taking them for a while and the problem cleared up. I then slowly added everything that I was taking and never had a problem again. So my advice to anyone is slowly add supplements in instead of changing everything in a weeks time.
    Thanks for the great info,



    Thanks very much for sharing these stories. All these insights are very helpful to anyone trying to free themselves from candida.

    I’m to the point where I am starting to introduce probiotics. I’ll heed your advice and will take it very slow.



    Hi Lorelei!
    I am glad this has helped. :)



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    I see bumping a lot. What does it mean? Just curious 😀



    It means what you just did Lauren :)

    You add a post to the topic so the topic will be back on the front page in the list of most recent posts, so people can see it right away and don’t have to search for it.



    Oh thanks Lorelei for explaining! 😀


    carla mc

    :) thanks for the encouraging positive post.(the ice cube/yogurt trick makes soo much sense!)



    I’m really grateful for this topic as I’ve had a vaginal yeast infection for the last two years and have felt like i might never get rid of it. The more sugar I eat the worse it gets and there are some really helfpul tips here so i will give some a try, especially the organic tampons. I wasnt aware of those but i always felt that normal ones iritate me more.

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