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Was looking for weight loss and found Candida

“Last year my coworkers and I decided to do our own weight loss challenge with a $500.00 prize for the winner. My journey was one I did not expect. Before the diet I drank practically everyday, I had gained so much weight in one year. This was due to depression from a six year break up, not to mention that my diet consisted of meat and potatoes.

We had 6 months to lose the weight, but at the 3 month mark I got serious about it. I read a book about raw apple cider vinegar and how good it is for weight loss. The book also mentioned coconut oil and its great benefits. These two products are suppose to be healing. Healing was the key word. That book led to another book that was an anti-Candida diet. I began to follow the instructions. I started to cut out processed foods like sugar, cakes, pasta, etc. The first month was the hardest. I felt so weak, and sick, one morning I woke up shaking and threw up. I was supposed to work out, but went back to bed instead. That was the worse I felt.

I also did a 3 day juice fast with all green veggies. Changes were happening, I was healing, but I must admit that I worked out as well. I was starting to lose weight, but it was no longer about that, I wanted to heal my body instead, and in the end, I won the contest. I also noticed my body odor changing for the best, my skin was clearer, and my joints didn’t feel achy. I dedicated myself to healing. I spent a lot of alone days, but it led me to learning to be alone and not be so needy. There is definitely a psychological side to it. We must also find out why we eat the foods we eat.

Best of luck on your journey. Oh and I noticed coworkers not being supportive and telling me that I should live a balanced life, that I shouldn’t deprive myself of sweets and so on. But in my head all I could think of is that my diet made sense to me, I was feeling much better physically and emotionally. Why would I want to let go of that?”

Shared by Cindy

Finally at 48… I know what was wrong with me…

“All my life I had issues… either bone and joint pain [Osgood-Schlaters disease] or infections [urinary, sinus, vaginal, even to a point of PID, respiratory, cellulitis, etc.] and dry itchy skin along with chicken skin [Keritosis Pilaris] –  hot showers made me itchy. I thought I was allergic to the water. I was sensitive to any smell other than cinnamon or some easy spice. Any harsh smells would cause mucous membranes to close and make it difficult to breathe. Antibiotics meant instant vaginal yeast infection… so with the script for the meds, the doc would write one for the Monistat. Yogurt and cranberry juice were part of my typical diet.

At 42 I ruptured 2 discs in my back, had the surgery, 6 months later I was diagnosed with “failed surgery”. Who fails surgery? Wow, what a mess. Depression, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, pain killers, neuroleptic drugs for nerve pain, night sweats, boils, rashes, incontinence, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel, degenerative disc disease, anxiety, my thyroid stopped working out of nowhere, so weight gain as well and I was deemed totally disabled and the beginning of menopause set in. Urgh! Drugs to deal with side effects of other drugs. Vicious circle.

Then5 years ago my sister in law told me about Candida diet and I put her off. My best friend went to be tested by a naturopath and we started talking about it. I became interested and  just went on the advice I could find. I am happy to say, and very blessed as well, that I am off all the drugs, the only “pills” that go in my mouth now are supplements! I feel great, my pains are gone, my energy is up, and my weight is decreasing. I am so thankful to the Lord for this opportunity to share my story of what He has done for me, giving the knowledge of how to be healed.”

Shared by Marguerite

Fed up and only 30!

“I have been struggling for years with my weight even though I train 4-5 times a week, bloating (looking ready to drop by the end of the day), very painful stomach, persistent “lady” infections, constipation, diarrhea, bad back/knees/wrists etc, mood swings (thought that was just ME!), acid reflux due to hiatus hernia where the symptoms have increased to severe burning, chest/back pain and loving the bad breath – lucky I have a boyfriend who loves me and understands!

I’ve been on countless antacids, which don’t work and was being sent for invasive test after test, involving tubes – ahhhhh!, I assumed I had a wheat and dairy intolerance (symptoms seemed linked) I cut it out and felt slightly better but dropped 6lb without trying in the first 5 days, so I had a Food Intolerance test done yesterday and it’s actually yeast, beef and pork that I am intolerant to, which makes sense. I’m now 10lb down and on a special diet – similar to this Candida diet, taking acidophilus, Caprylic acid capsules and milk thistle.

After Googling, I found this website and I am now going to get tested on Monday and I’m going to follow the diet on here and see how I get on. I’m hoping for some relief and without going on much more, it’s nice but not nice to hear that I’m not alone.”

Shared by Kelly

Over 50 Symptoms!

“I was stressed to the max due to 3 forest fires close to my house. I had a sudden onset of pain in my colon and severe constipation. I went to a digestive disease specialist who gave me a colonoscopy. He said my colon was perfectly fine and to take laxatives because I must have a lazy colon. Even with laxatives, the pain was severe and not improving.

I went to a chiropractor and he notice I had poor balance and gave me Psyllium powder. I found another chiropractor who did B.E.S.T. for six months. He said toxic thoughts were making me sick. I went to another chiropractor and he tested me with reflexology and came up with formaldehyde poisoning. By this time I could not walk a straight line, was constantly dizzy, had cramping and shooting pains as well as numbness in my legs. My knees were so stiff I could barely bend them. Muscle weakness was so severe that I could not walk across the room without so much pain, dangerous falls, chronic constipation, weird vivid dreams, hysterical laughing and crying outbursts, complete lack of sex drive, excessive weight gain and numerous other problems. I developed a drinking problem 10 years ago, smoked cigarettes and over ate sweets and carbohydrates .

Last month I found a medical doctor that specializes in natural healing. First off he listened to me for over an hour. Then he ordered extensive blood and urine tests. When we met 2 weeks ago he interpreted the results to me: severe yeast, mold, fungal, cadmium and other unnaturally high levels of toxins! I started chelation therapy and given an outline of the Candida Diet. Needless to say, I am somewhat relieved at finally getting a diagnosis. Now I will start on the long road to recovery. Quitting cigarettes and alcohol a year ago has not really diminished the condition all that much.

This is a deep seated long term condition that is going to take time and effort to get under control. As I sat here reading others’ stories, I see that Candida has many forms and I am grateful to have found this site. Thank you for sharing.”

Shared by Marlene


“After leading a very active lifestyle I suddenly found my energy levels running low, often having to spend a couple of days in bed to recover. Many doctors failed to correctly diagnose me, attributing my tiredness to depression. A year went by and I found my condition deteriorating. I started to suffer with terrible abdominal and joint pain; by this stage I was spending 3-4 days in bed. Again the doctors offered no help,6 months later I was now bed bound for 9-11 days, I was having real difficulties breathing, my eyes became very painful, and I suffered terribly with rectal bleeding. I saw a number of specialists all of whom could find nothing wrong with me. I then suffered a stroke; complete paralysis down my left side which was only alleviated 4 hours later with heparin. The doctors termed my stroke ‘cryptic’ as they couldn’t explain it, they claimed that I had brought it on through stress.

After seeing numerous ME consultants and trialing numerous drugs I decided to treat myself for Candida. My ME consultants told me that Candida was a myth, and to not waste my time or money. Thanks to the advice on this website and following the diet religiously I am now completely cured. All my abdominal, joint, breathing, eye, rectal, fatigue, concentration problems have disappeared. For 10 months after embarking on the diet I had considerable yeast like discharge from eyes; I now no longer wonder what had caused my stroke. I am indebted to the Candida Diet website for my treatment.”

Shared by Ross

Candida Diet

“Have been feeling bloated, lethargic, depressed, no sex drive, thinning hair, dry skin, exercise like a maniac but haven’t lost weight. After seeing Doctor after Doctor after Doctor, who all told me to increase my antidepressant medication for Post Natal Depression, I finally found someone who said “Yes, I will try to help”.

After lots of blood tests and a saliva test, it was discovered; adrenal fatigue, liver stress and hormone imbalance, my Candida level throughout my body was far too high. The Candida is causing most of my problems. So I commenced the diet, though there are conflicting stories on what you can and cannot have!

I have commenced medication plus Naturopathic medication. The first three days were awful. I wanted to sleep and had dreadful nightmares, I had chronic headaches, I smelt moldy, I had brain fog so bad that I got lost driving and I locked myself and my 6 month old out of the house. It’s now day five and I finally feel some of the brain fog is lifting and my bloating has certainly decreased.
My cravings for sugar are incredible, but I am doing my best to resist. Its hard though.

Good to read other’s experiences, nice to know you are not the only one trying to kill this dreadful thing.”

Shared by Neisha

Felt Like I Was Dying…..

“Well, I’ve read all the stories and here is what I have to say…. Candida took my life and threw it away, literally! One day I woke up and felt like I was dying. I seriously thought I did not have long to live. I cut everything out of my diet except for chicken, fish, and dark green vegetables. I basically ate just those few things and it changed my life FOREVER. I would have never dreamed after feeling SO horrible all that time, that I could simply change my diet and that it would change and turn everything around. I lost 55 lbs. and never felt better in my entire life. I even breathe better. I don’t drink diet colas anymore either. It was hard to break the cravings, but when I looked at it as though I was feeding the bug that was killing me, in no time at all, I became serious and I feel like I am on a natural high all the time, my energy is back better than before actually. I can not remember the last time I felt this good.

Be faithful to the diet and make it a life long way of eating and change and you will never be too tired and you will live twice as long. I got my life back and now I have the life I always wanted. I can even stay up later and get up earlier than the teenagers in the home.”

Shared by Dawn

I’ve never felt better!

“I was finally diagnosed with a Candida overgrowth after suffering for 4 1/2 years with symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue, skin rashes, ear infections, bloating, vaginal itching and chronic constipation. After seeing 7 different doctors, I finally stumbled across the right one. I’ve been on the “diet” for one year now and feel amazing. I’m symptom free and really, have never felt better and I also dropped 53 lbs. I will still have flare ups on occasions after thinking I can try a new food or an old food I used to enjoy but it’s not often. It’s been a tough time trying to adjust to a new way of eating but it’s worth it!”

Shared by Kelly

Yeast Infections / UTIs..? Oh my gosh.

“I have had recurring UTI’s and yeast infections for a while now. One year I had 12 yeast infections! Recently, I have had 4 in a 6 week period as well as 3 UTIs… Antibiotics leads to yeast infections, unfortunately. I haven’t had them this bad though – I was in so much pain in the store today I just had to sit down. Abdominal pain and womanly pain. My Dr gave me a pap two weeks ago (oh swell – no pun intended!), and he said “yep its yeast”. So now I’m on pills every two weeks along with 7 day cream – and I have 5 repeats on that! I’m thinking of doing the Candida diet. I want this thing gone forever! I hate it. What can I eat?”

Shared by Pretty

Candida and Food Intolerance

“I have been on an anti-Candida diet for 6 weeks now. I suffer from a skin condition called Keritosis Pilaris (chicken skin) and it is reduced by 75%. This is the first time its been this light in over 6 years! I went to a chiropractor for NAET allergy testing and have tested allergic to several things so I removed them from my diet as well. I’ve had excessive intestinal bloating for 3 years and the chiropractor suggested I have adrenal fatigue. Apparently AF, food intolerance/allergies and Candida often come together. Healing is slow going with all these conditions to treat (mostly with herbal supplements) I still have a lot of bloating, but expect that to lessen as I bring my adrenals back into balance.

I highly recommend others look into these conditions as well. Two fantastic books that both make the AF, food intolerance and Candida link are: Adrenal Fatigue-The 21st century stress syndrome, James L. Wilson ND; Allergy Free, Konrad Kail, ND. Good luck to everyone and stay strong!”

Shared by Holli


“Hi! I went to see my naturopath today and he prescribed three supplements and I took them after I arrived home. I see the benefits already, as my head is clear, and I feel alert. The Caprylic acid is one of the ingredients in one supplement. It is amazing the rapidity the supplements are working. I have a gluten intolerance and yeast problem. He mentioned the celiac affects the celli in the small intestine. He said to avoid white flour and breads. I think he said to avoid sugar too. He said white flour turns to sugar. That gave me encouragement and a hope.”

Shared by Linda

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