Fighting Childhood Obesity with Diet, Nutrition and Exercise

Childhood obesity is a serious problem affecting children not only in the United States but in many areas around the world. Many children are struggling to stay at a healthy weight. Unfortunately obesity affects people’s overall health and can cause complications with heart disease, diabetes and other issues.

When fighting childhood obesity, it is important to look at several different areas. Children need to eat a healthy diet so that they can get the nutrition they need. Gut-related conditions like Candida can change the microbiome and actually contribute to obesity. They also need to exercise on a regular basis. It is important that the schools, health professionals and individual families work together to help stop childhood obesity.


A healthy diet is key to helping children stay in shape and lose weight. Children need to understand the importance of eating the right kinds of food. It also helps them to understand the difference between healthy food options and unhealthy ones. As individuals learn about the different food options, it becomes easier to embrace a healthy diet. While a healthy diet is very important, it is also important for parents and caregivers to maintain their children’s confidence and not make them feel bad about themselves.

Proper Nutrition

Creating healthy eating habits is just one part of the fight against obesity. It is important that children be able to make good food choices each day. They need to understand what each food groups offers in terms of nutrients so they can make better food choices in the future. Understanding why some foods, like probiotic foods, are much healthier than others enables them to make better overall choices. Ultimately, this is something that can easily be controlled by parents as they are generally the people making food purchases in the home. Leading by example is a great way to get your children eating healthier.

  • Teaching Nutrition to Kids: Baylor provides information and resources on teaching proper nutrition to kids.
  • Nutrition and the Brain: This site teaches kids about how important the right nutrition is for the brain.
  • Nutrition for the School Aged Child: Learn about the different nutrients kids need to eat each day as the move from child to teenager to adult. As well as look at ideas for snacks.
  • Sports Nutrition for Children on the Go: Children who are active need more calories and different type of diet for the different sports. Learn how to make sure your active child is getting the correct nutrition.
  • Kids World Nutrition: This website provides trivia and games to teach children about getting proper nutrition.
  • Kids in the Kitchen: Review video recipes and ideas to help kids learn to make healthy food.
  • Eat Right Kids: Eat Right provides recipes, articles about nutrition and other resources to help kids get the right types of nutrition.
  • Kids Games: Nutrition Exploration provides a series of videos and games designed to help kids learn about proper nutrition.
  • Bridges to Wellness: This program explains how the school nutrition organization is working to teach children in schools about making healthy eating choices.
  • Easy Child Care Nutrition: Learn about the recommended steps for child care centers to take to provide proper nutrition while preventing childhood obesity.


In the fight against obesity, it is important to work with children on becoming more active. Regular exercise helps children to stay healthy. Young children may just need the opportunity to run around outside on a regular basis. Older children and teens may need a more structured exercise program if they are trying to lose weight. There are many activities that kids can partake in aside from strict exercise routines that will allow them to work out while having fun.

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