Probiotics Recommendation

The best probiotics for Candida

Probiotics perform a number of really important tasks during your Candida diet. Among other things, they help to rebalance the microflora in your gut, regulate acidity in your intestines, and boost your immune system.

The goal of your Candida treatment plan should be to restore the correct balance to the microbiome in your gut. That means reducing the numbers of pathogens like Candida albicans, and increasing the numbers of probiotic bacteria like Lactobacillus acidophilus.

A high quality probiotic will restore your gut health, rebalance your gut flora, reduce inflammation, and boost your immunity.

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3-Month Candida Elimination Kit Start Your 3-month Candida Cleanse

This Candida Kit contains all the supplements recommended on the Candida Diet:
- LIVER ONE to process and remove the toxins created by Candida.
- CANDASSIST to inhibit and weaken the Candida colonies in your gut.
- PROBIOTIC to replace the Candida yeast with probiotic bacteria.
Plus... the CANDIDA DIET RECIPE BOOK with 50+ low-sugar recipes

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