Mehak Naeem, RDN

Mehak Naeem is licensed as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She has a Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Lahore, and expertise in Counseling, Diet and Recipe Planning, and Product Development. She is a valued member of our team here at the Candida Diet website.

Mehak has worked as a dietitian in numerous hospitals, and also has several years of experience as a lecturer and research supervisor.

Her philosophy is that, “Food doesn’t just nourish the body, but also the soul. The right foods can heal people.”

Being a dietitian has allowed Mehak to see food from different perspectives. Her passion for nutrition and dietetics means that she stays up to date with the latest, trends and research. Her work as a lecturer and research supervisor enabled her to explore in more depth the effect that diet and nutrition can have on the human body.

Mehak believes that the essence of a dietitian is all about working towards improved wellness. She enjoys working with her her patients and clients towards goals such as weight management, disease management, sports nutrition, and, most importantly, general wellness.

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