How to Travel Safely Abroad

This is part of a short series of articles that I have written on travel. I have always thought that one of the best ways to improve your health is by staying active and challenging yourself to do new things. International travel just happens to fit those criteria perfectly. Sticking to an eating plan like the Candida diet can be challenging while on vacation, but it’s entirely possible. So get on a boat or an airplane, start traveling, and enjoy all the health benefits that it brings!

Every year, many travelers, students included, nervously leave the comfort of their country to explore and learn in a new one. Traveling and studying abroad are exciting opportunities, but are not without risk. Inexperienced travelers may arrive with one too many bags, baggy clothing, jewelry, and loose purses that target them for pickpocketing. To avoid unfortunate happening, such as this there are some basic travel tips that apply to travelers of any age. For example, packing just enough, but not too much can keep you off the radar and make your experience less stressful. Choosing a safe country to travel to and, for students, a good program, is the first step in preparing for your trip. After selecting a program and/or place, read up on the culture, the local laws, and any health or safety issues you need to prepare for.

There are also some specific dietary and health challenges that come with foreign travel. New foods and unfamiliar bugs can cause serious digestive upset, even if it’s just temporary. Remember to take a good probiotic supplement with you on your vacation, and try to indulge in some probiotic foods while you’re there too. Many locations around the world have their own fermentation traditions, and these foods are just perfect for traveling while on your Candida diet.

Travel Planning

  • Traveling Abroad Scams– Prepare for your trip by educating yourself about scams aimed at travelers visiting their country. Squirting mustard, spilling, and asking for help in an attempt to distract you while snatching your bag or purse.
  • How to Travel Safe while Volunteering Abroad– Always make sure the group you sign up to study abroad with is reliable and offers support.
  • What to Take for a Safe Trip– Know what to take and what to leave behind for a safe trip. To avoid being a target leave valuables, social security card, and money behind.
  • Subjectivity and Culture Shock– This goes through the emotions and feelings of traveling abroad many students feeling. Knowing and understanding that these feelings are normal will help you deal with the situation easier.


  • Travel Packing– This list is a guide of what you can pack for your trip, although you don’t have to pack everything on it.
  • Packing and Safety– When choosing what you are going to wear on a trip, make sure to avoid clothes that will target you for getting robbed or pickpocketed.
  • How Much?– Packing too much can make it difficult to get around, harder to keep track of things, and easier for people to target you.
  • Prohibited List– Avoid getting in trouble and look over this list of what is okay and not okay to bring on an airplane.
  • A Packing Checklist– Go through this list and check off as you pack. Many items you can buy over there and will save on luggage space and the cost for additional luggage.


  • Passports and Visas– Without a passport it is impossible to study abroad and many countries now require a visa too. This article gives several links on where to get a passport along with government sites to help acquire one.
  • Study Abroad Passport-PDF– Here is an excellent guide you can read online or print off to learn more about getting passports and visas, planning your trip and everything to prepare to study abroad.
  • Obtaining a First-Time Passport– With numbered steps, this page makes it easy to follow and learn how to get a passport or renewing one.
  • Passport and Visa Information– Read the facts about passports along with how to get one and what to do after receiving it.
  • Passports and Visa Link– After reading about passports, click on the link that will lead you to the official state government page to fill out your passport forms.

International Laws

Medical Insurance Coverage Abroad

Emergency Planning

  • Traveling Safely– Great article on preparing for a safe trip before even going. Offers ideas and a couple of links to help you research safety for studying abroad.
  • Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility– Planning for a trip not only involves the students but also the parent and the program provider. Choosing the right program and a safe location is the first step in emergency planning.
  • Top 10 Health and Safety Issues– Choosing a quality program, good health insurance, choosing safe transportation, and avoiding high-risk activities are just some of the health and safety issues you can prepare for.
  • Safety Tips & Expectations– Your safety is the most important thing while living abroad. This list covers what to do, not to do, how to conduct yourself, and an article about what the government says to students going abroad.
  • Emergencies Abroad– This page goes over the steps for emergencies abroad and what most schools do to prevent them.

Potential Danger

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