Healthy Origins Probiotics

Healthy Origins probiotics

Update: My top recommendation for probiotic supplements is now the Balance One probiotic. We designed it specifically for Candida, with probiotic strains that are especially good at stopping Candida albicans.

It has 15bn CFUs of probiotic bacteria, and it comes in a special tablet form that delivers more bacteria to your gut. It’s the best probiotic for your Candida overgrowth.


The probiotics manufactured by Healthy Origins are a good choice for your Candida diet. I have described elsewhere on this site how you should carefully choose your probiotic. The Healthy Origins brand  fulfills most of these criteria, although it doesn’t use time-release tablets to get its bacteria to your gut.

You can take these probiotics before, during and after your Candida treatment. Probiotics are a wonderful addition to your long-term health plan and can support a healthy digestive system for the rest of your life.

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Another reason why I like Healthy Origins probiotics is that they do not contain any extra ingredients that might compromise your Candida diet. There is no dextrose, no maltodextrin and none of the other junk that we often see in lower quality probiotics. With this product you know that you getting the high quality probiotic bacteria that you need and nothing else. It is also shelf-stable, so when it arrives at your doorstep you can be confident that the probiotic bacteria are alive and well.

Shelf-stable probiotics from Healthy Origins

What do we mean when we say shelf-stable? This simply tells us that the probiotics in the product will not die if left at room temperature. Shelf-stable Healthy Origins probiotics use a manufacturing process that keeps the bacteria alive throughout storage and shipping, so that they arrive at your doorstep alive and well. This is an important point to remember when you are looking at probiotics. Some products will advertise a huge number of bacteria, but if not stored properly many of these are likely to be dead by the time you receive them!

If you buy probiotics online, you need to be confident that you are getting value for money. If the probiotics are not shelf-stable and are shipped in an overheated truck or left in a hot warehouse, they may well be dead by the time you receive them. Even if you buy from a health food store, you never know how the probiotics have been stored or whether the refrigerator has been switched off overnight. in The problems often occur during shipping. The safest way to get reliable probiotics is to buy a shelf-stable brand.

What is Healthy Origins?

Healthy Origins was founded in 1996 and has become a leading manufacturer of high quality nutritional supplements. They manufacture all their products in compliance with strict FDA guidelines. Their products display all ingredients clearly on the label and do not use any hidden ingredients like fillers that might make their products less effective.

Choosing a good probiotic is not always easy. In my Ultimate Candida Diet treatment plan I have written a detailed guide to finding a probiotic that will work with your Candida treatment.

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