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    Ok, so I have used a mix of everyone’s reply to find an answer.

    According to different websites, higher dosages of vitamins DO in fact cause fatigue. This happens similarly to why women have fatigue during PMS. It is basically the sign of an over-worked liver.

    Read more here:

    If you choose to read the article I hope that it does not discourage you from taking the vitamins.
    In fact, now that I understand the problem, I am being proactive in finding a solution that allows me to
    a) Fill the void of vitamins I was missing (as Raster suggested)
    b) Not put me in a coma

    Earlier on I was taking a few vitamins and not being put into a coma. The vitamins (and dietary supplements — please, also assume the standard anti-fungals etc. associated with the strict diet, as I am talking only about dietary vitamins etc. I don’t want to list everything) I was taking for weeks were the following:

    Vitamin C (Rosa Cania): very low dosage
    Fish Oil: one pill a day
    Folic Acid: 800mg per day or 200% DV
    Astaxanthin: 4-8mg per day

    I have taken these in the past, and they had not and were not producing a problem.

    This week I introduced the following vitamins at HALF the daily dosage stated in the strict protocol.

    Vitamin A: (in tablet form because I couldn’t find it in a gel
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin K2 (mk-7, non-synthetic)
    Vitamin C

    Yesterday I experimented of the idea of treating this situation the same way I would treat my anti-fungals when they would cause too much die-off. I would label this strategy: protect your liver.

    When I felt the first onset of drowsiness I took 300mg of Chelated Molybdenum (for die-off), 2 Spirulina tablets (to help my immune system), and 1000mg of vitamin C. I didn’t fall asleep. In fact, I stayed up for hours and then couldn’t fall asleep. I took another round of vitamins to help me sleep (6-7 hours later) and even that didn’t put me in the usual coma.

    The next day I took a FULL round of vitamins (four hours apart) and tried to use the same strategy (taking Moly, Vita C, and Spirulina) to see if it worked on a full dosage. Most of the day I stayed awake, but after I went to the grocery store on foot carrying two bags I went back into my coma.

    From this I learned that vitamins do indeed expend a LOT of energy, especially for the liver. Since we are on the diet we don’t have extra calories to burn (I only do yoga and maybe push up and 5-minute ab workouts nowadays — I used to run back to back half marathons) so it is taking up a lot of our bodies to process this.

    I am going to keep playing around with vitamin in-take times until I get it right or my liver adjusts.

    This week I will be doing the following:

    In the AM I will do my normal routine of kefir + original round of supplements + anti-fungals + meals.

    In the afternoon I will repeat.

    In the evening (when I have done all the paperwork/errands for the day) I will take a half dosage of the coma inducing vitamins. That way even if they do put me in a coma they won’t ruin my productivity, I won’t be expending any extra energy by moving around, and if it does put me out, it will already be bedtime anyway.

    I will keep everyone posted because I don’t want to scare everyone away from taking vitamins.

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    You’re welcome.

    It is not that you are doing anything wrong, it is just a stage of symptoms we will go through while recovering. Others are taking digestive bitters to relieve the symptoms. You can try buying those if the apple cider vinegar shots don’t help.


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    Yes, I am well versed with how the FDA operates and I am disgusted by it. There are medical professionals who are trying to fight back (and even well-versed in natural healing too), but unless the general public is informed they will continue to use scare tactics and legislation to block the use of herbs for healing.

    Fun fact: I was speaking to an international organic food company that was thinking of new obscure grains and alternative ingredients to use in their everyday snack products. When I asked them about stevia, they said it was a big issue in their country as well, and that even if they managed a cooperation with a supplier big companies like Coke Cola had already claimed acres worth of fields, which creates a demand that compromises the rate and method of production. They said they only way they could incorporate stevia in their business model was if they found honest, organic growers to partner with and if the regulations were lifted.

    That said, I order my stevia in the form of whole, dried leaves directly from Central American growers. I don’t trust any refined versions of stevia on the market.

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    I am at the same point as yourself.

    I followed the diet faithfully, lost a bunch of weight, and now I am extremely bloated after I eat and feel like the weight is creeping back on.

    I am going to take your word for your faithfulness to the strict diet and offer you the following solution from bloating:

    How to help with bloating

    • First thing in the morning drink lemon juice with water with at least half a lemon’s worth of juice.

      Before and after each meal take a shot of organic apple cider vinegar with olive oil.

      Try to space out the beverages you drink, and try not to drink so much at meal times.

    The bloating (when it is extreme) is a sign that candida is alive and kicking in your gut. When you eat the food gets stuck and starts to ferment in your gut causing bubbles. Normally, we would have enough stomach acid to break it down quickly, but since our guts are infested we suffer.

    This usually greatly helps me, especially when I start my day with the lemon water (sometimes that is all I need). If you really want a break, you can go back to the first days of the diet for a day, and it will give you a chance to mentally re-group.

    Good luck,

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    Hello, yes I currently have that problem. It is candida related (all the other vaginal related infections stem from candida).

    I am on the strict diet which is helping the external manifestations of the infection (fungus on toes and vaginal itchiness/discharge and discomfort during sex).

    Here is what I am doing for the vaginal area:

    Am/Pm Boric Acid suppositories
    I make by mixing a little bit of coconut oil with the Boric Acid (powder), putting it in the freezer, then inserting it in. Sometimes the oil leaks out later on so I wear a panty liner. This is only for 12 days.

    I got this remedy from Dr. Mercola’s site.

    ** Do not have sex until ALL the Borix Acid leaks out of you. The powder is more like course salt, and when I had intercourse after inserting it, it felt like I was being filed down on the inside! Or to be safe just wait 12 days.

    Am/PmGarlic Clove
    I cut little groves in the clove and just stick it up there. Some people tie a string to it so they can fetch it out. But I have never had any difficulty doing so. Again, panty liner with this. (this can be done on days when you don’t use boric acid).

    Probiotic Suppositories
    After I finish with the above treatments (when my symptoms are gone) I plan on using these until I run out. I have about 10 days worth.

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    Thanks everyone, I found some answers/solutions to my bread problem.

    I am experimenting with Roti recipes (the other indian flatbread) and other recipes that don’t require baking powder.

    mrs. candida: you are right. cream of tartar is even harder to find. luckily I found an organic grocery store that sold a baking soda without aluminum (but some corn starch). I am using that until my shipment arrives.

    A word on iherb
    I contacted them directly about their shipping policies, especially concerning probiotics. Their website claims 7-10 days of delivery to Europe, but shortly after our talk they updated it to say some clients said it could be up to 21 days. As for the probiotics, they specifically said they would NOT ship it was ice and suggested I chose a more shelf stable type. I contacted Innate Response and they said they products’ integrity would not be compromised even in hot climate if and only if it was delivered within 10 days (without ice).

    I have be able to ship things very various websites from other countries including Germany, Finland, the US, and Central America to get my needs met. It does, however, take a long time to get through customs.

    I was able to find pure stevia whole leaves since where I am they only sell the chemically extracted “sweet compound” from stevia (think Truvia and other brands that don’t list the whole leaf as the only ingredient). It crushes easily pinched between to fingers. I am not at the stage where I can eat it, but I tested while making a batch of coconut balls that I froze for later in the diet. The fresh stevia leaves in them worked fine.

    The problem with the injera was that I used buckwheat in the batter (with some salt); two things that prevent a bread to rise. Other than that I have no idea what went on. I threw it all out because the smell of it reminded me of the nausea I felt.

    I still do not know where all the die-off is coming from, but it could just be my time. Previously I was coasting through the diet, now I have mood swings and severe bloating when I consume kefir (sometimes homemade and sometimes commercial because of time constraints). I can’t wait for my probiotic supplements to arrive so I can feel that the die-off is not in vain.

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    I just had the same thought. I had found a way to make kefir using commerical kefir, cooked organic milk, and a probiotic supplement from a different forum. Everything was going well, but I intended to use it only until my grains arrived.

    I bought them off someone who had extra and when they arrived in the mail they smelled strongly of alcohol. I “washed” them for 3 days by soaking them in fresh milk every 24 hours for 3 days but still, it had that smell.

    I finally gave up and just started making kefir from them. They would result in exactly the type of kefir you described: either watery even after 48 hours or curdling to the point that there was whey (water) at the bottom and the entire top of the jar looked like cottage cheese.

    I had not tried any of those mixtures until today when it looked somewhat normal. I cannot say for sure if it is ok or not, but I will say that I have had the worst reaction of the whole treatment thus far. Again, who knows if it is from that kefir, but I am extremely nauseous during the same day as taking it.

    I am tossing it out (4 quarts :/ ) today and buying new grains from a kit.

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