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    So, I’m nearly 17.
    For most of my life I’ve had ibs problems and nausea. Only getting worse over the years. Severe constipation, not going for weeks at a time. About a year ago the nausea became constant and severe, constipation didn’t end in a day of diarrhea like it used to. Doctors haven’t found anything except a hormone imbalance and sludge in my gallbladder (but my functioning test was at 87%)
    My throat also spasms when I drink so Ive had a few bad dehydration scares.

    I’ve been trying this diet, but my stomach hates veggies. It makes me gag. My diet before was constant candy and ketchup with meats to keep up my calories sense I’m nearly underweight. I went weeks without eating veggies. Days without meat.. Used to live on Rice Krispies and fruit snacks for many months.
    I used to consume a lot of pickles and ketchup when I was little, and I was on antibiotics a lot, and steroids a lot when I was 6-7
    My sickness started as I was put on antibiotics for three-four weeks for acne that suddenly showed up.

    But besides the veggie problem, I usually have low-normal blood sugar, never hitting above 100, usually only 85, and half a day without sugar made it dip below 70. I managed to get it back up with fruits but I know I shouldn’t be eating fruits this early so I don’t know how to stabilize it. When it drops I get bad nausea and panic attacks.

    I know diet itself won’t help but I’m cautious about starting anything until my body is adjusted to the diet.

    That probably was pretty scrambled order but yeah.. Help?


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    I recommend getting into vegetables because this is the reason you are here in the first place. If you diet was better for all of this time, you wouldn’t have gotten so ill. There are lots of replacements for food items you traditionally like, you just have to find them and make good food out of them. For instance, rutabaga is a great potato replacement and can be cooked in all of the ways potatoes are cooked (fried, whipped, steamed, etc). It doesn’t taste as good but atleast it doesn’t feed the yeast.

    I also would consider trying out smoothies. I would get something like the nutri-bullet and blend your veggies up and consume them really fast in a liquid drink. Not only would you not be chewing the food for a long period of time (like a salad), but this actually will aid your digestion, giving it a break allowing it to heal. Blend up a bunch of stuff you have never had before like kale, artichokes, berries, nuts, etc. and then down that stuff and chase it with water. The nutri-bullet comes with recipes, but just giving examples of how to round out your diet.

    I would also consider consulting a nutritionist and then watching youtube videos or looking for recipes to make these items better tasting.


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