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    Its become clear that I have 3 foods that are possibly causing me an issue even though on this site all of them are ok to eat.

    I’ve detailed below the 3 foods. I’m going to stop the seeds, but the yogurt and oats help me maintain a healthy weight. If I remove these I’ will lose a lot of weight.

    1. Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free oats
    2. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds
    3. Yeo Vally Natural Yogurt (6.5 grams per 100 of sugar) Lactose

    Does anybody have any thoughts on these?




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    Sunflower seeds are not safe for the diet due to mold content. Pumpkin seeds are also pretty moldy from my experience and you should save them for later in your treatment if they are a problem.

    Yogurt is also an iffy item for many. Most people can’t digest cow’s milk yogurt so you should try goats milk yogurt if posssible.

    Oats can be iffy too. This is why its important to try everything out for a period of time before eating it long term.



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    My experience is that I can eat pumpkin seeds if I freshly pick them out from a pumpkin and cook them. If I buy them in a bag, then I can’t.


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    I’ve seen my supermarket sells goats milk yogurt so ill try that. I’m just sticking with vegtables and meat at the moment and my back pain has eased off. I still have the headaches but they seem to be getting slighty better.

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