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    After being sick on and off my whole life, I just got told by a doctor that a lot of my problems are probably from candida! I’ve been doing this candida diet for a bit, and it’s going pretty well. Lost some weight that I didn’t need to, but other than that things are legit. Pretty tough to constantly come up with flavorful foods on the candida diet when you’ve never really cooked before!

    I’m really interested in any great blogs about candida, especially with recipes! I write one on BlogSpot called yeswecandida, but im not really a expert or anything & I’m really just trying to give myself extra motivation to stick to this diet. I know my health should be enough motivation on its own, but it’s way easier to cheat if you don’t think anyone is watching. Especially after work! I just wanna get takeout on my way home, but I know I hafta go home and cook if I wanna follow my diet.

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