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    I am currently starting my 3rd week of stage 2 cleanse. I am on anti fungals and pro biotic as well as caprylic acid. It seems as if I am getting another vaginal yeast infection. I have been very strict sticking to my diet and pills, and am a bit discouraged that I still came down with a yeast infection.

    My question is, is this normal? At what point will the yeast infections go away? Or is this still part of the die off/cleansing stage?

    Also, I am extremely tired. I struggle to do every day chores/things. I am surprised that I am feeling this weak. Friends who have done this cleanse say that they were not nearly as tired as I am. Is this fatigue normal?


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    Hi Allison,

    If you’ve been following the diet then the yeast infection must be die off, and there for, a good thing (in a twisted way). I haven’t had yeast infections for years and they started up again with the diet and anti-fungals.

    As far as I know there’s no way of telling when they will go away.

    Fatigue is very normal, you should rest and sleep to help your body cleanse and heal. It’s possible that your infestation is worse then your friends or even possible that you’ve been following the diet more closely. I view the fatigue as a good thing too.


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    Are you taking anything for the die-off? Like molybdenum amino acid chelate or vitamin C?


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    I had fatigue. Try putting some coconut oil down there.

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