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    It all started I’m recently after being hospitalized for a gall bladder attack I got anal fissures and they never Seemed to go away so recently right as i ended my period I got this horrible yeast infection and I’ve been with it for a month now the fissures got better i can go to the rest room without feeling pain or itchiness after i go to the rest room the yeast infection has lasted almost A month and won’t seen to go away this is my first time experiencing This I’ve gotten tested for stds everything is negative i haven’t checked for herpes thoo I’m scared and the yeast infection hurts really bad, I’ve gone to the docter and they just give he creams and a pill for the yeast infection but ugh no results for the yeast getting better and I don’t know if its anxiety but I feel random itches all over my body like little pin pokes all day long I am so concerned!! Someone please help!!


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    The protocol and diet will normally clear up a yeast infection after a while. Read our protocol and decide if you want to try it with the diet, if so, send a private message to me and ask for the diet information.

    The Protocol



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    Yes definitely start the diet right away. I’ve gotten about five YIs in the past year, since starting the diet, it has stopped.

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