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    I found out that I had a Candida overgrowth at the end of June; using online research and an at home saliva test. Since then I have been on the Candida diet and taking several supplements including Yeast-Cleanse by Solaray. I am on the second bottle of it now. This product contains: caprylic acid, Pau D’Arco, grapefruit seed extract,tea tree oil and several vitamins and minerals. Here is a website that lists the ingredients: How many rounds of this product is safe to take? Please give me your suggestions. Thanks for all your help and advice.



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    Sounds like it had a lot of good candida fighting stuff but I know that candida can adapt to all anti fun gals except coconut oil and garlic ( I think those are the only two). So maybe relying on this alone may not be a good idea. I took coconut oil band garlic daily and rotated my other anti fun gals like game and coconut oil every two weeks .

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