xylitol, does it affect the thyroid?

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    I know that some candida sufferers cannot tolerate xylitol while it is OK for some however has anyone seen any information on whether it can affect the thyroid. The one quite severe symptom I have noticed when using xylitol is cold feet so I wondered whether it was affecting my thyroid as cold feet is a symptom of hypothyroidism. Now I know cold feet could also be die off but surely xylitol doesn’t target specific areas of the body to kill the candida does it? The feet definitly get colder when using xylitol and improve when not using it so I know this is the culprit, so is it die off or is my thyroid being inhibited by xylitol?


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    I’m not sure if Xylitol contributes to hypothyroidism. There is just to much conflicting information about this for me to use it with confidence. It gives me bad diarrhea so that’s a red flag for me. I think it tastes great but wouldn’t recommend it for anybody with Candida or if its causing side effects.

    Stop using it for a week and monitor your body.
    I don’t buy the Xylitol health hype.

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