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    I made marshmallows for easter using xylitol…they were very yummy but made me nauseous and both of my girls threw up after eating them. So, I steer clear of the xylitol…except for in toothpaste since it is supposed to help guard against cavities. May be fine in small amounts but I wouldn’t use it in baking/cooking. Stevia has been an acquired taste but it does the job as far as satisfying a sweet tooth.


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    Can we have coconut sugar on stage 2? Sounds like there are mixed reviews xylitol. I have been usinf it and it does tasre great.


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    I used a tiny bit of xylitol during the rough times on the diet, I’m not sure if I got reactions to it and today I made the coconut drop cookies with xylitol and also drizzled Plamil’s xylitol chocolate on it. I ate one last night and ate one 1.5 hours ago and I feel fine. I don’t think it affects me as I feel pretty good after my food today but if I was still on the strict diet I would try to avoid it. I want to not have cravings at all so that’s why I’m trying to limit it still even after re-introducing foods.


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    i do ok on xylitol. if you eat alot though..it will make you go to the bathroom. which with me being constipated all the time…works great as a laxative..sometimes a little stomach cramping..but with IBS..this isnt new to me… LOL

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