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    Hi Everyone. Wow, It has been crazy learning about candida. Things are really starting to make sense! Hubby and I were just tested for food allergies and Candida. We have an ah-mazing new primary care who practices functional medicine. Both our tests for Candida ablican antibodies for IgG, IgA, & IgM were under 1. Our primary sent us both to a nutritionist with a plan for a yeast free diet and possibly an herbal cleanse. The “life long candida suffering nutritionist” didn’t feel as though a cleanse was necessary. Just a yeast free diet. I didn’t feel very confident due to the fact that her suffering hasn’t ended, and that she didn’t feel a cleanse was needed. Plus some of the food recommendations didn’t quite match up with what I had been previously researching since the diagnosis. That was when I found this site.

    Let me back up. About 4 years ago, I decide to take myself off all medications. I had been weening myself of a five year stint with anti-depressants for anxiety. I also removed the birth control. At this time, hubby was about a year into a shining new career as a rookie financial advisor. Needless to say he made it through the crash and is thriving now, But without a little gift of seborrheic dermatitis and coin type psoriasis. At the same time I was going off my meds he was being prescribed steroids for his skin problems and being told he has a life long chronic illness. I should mention he was over 300 lbs (6 foot 3)and I was 30lbs heavier than currently am. We were carb loving junkies. I loved fried, fast, and comfort food. Paule Dean, she was my hero. He loved the sweets.

    I always had irregular periods, and manageable yet uncomfortable PMS. When I stopped the pill my pms was a nightmare!!! 40-50 day cycles with pms starting on day 20. Miserable mood swings and anxiety. Rosasea, body temperature fluctuation, screaming, crying, hating. And vertigo and foggy brain. Man I thought that I would just always have fuzzy days. I wonder what our Candida Antibodies would have read 4 years ago.

    It was at this time that I decided that something must be done. For both of us. Our bodies were not meant to suffer in this matter. And natural healing must mean something. I was sick of my doctors wanting to throw a prescription at me for every ill. It just did not feel right.

    I could describe what happened next in detail or spare you a whole evening of reading in exchange for a summary of all the steps that have brought us this far. Acupuncture, yoga, Dr. Weil vitamin advisor, chiropractor, hubby going off steroid and using a probiotic along with switching to all organic and free range, eliminating gmo’s, doing a 21 day purification detox, nutritional response therapy, vegan, vegetarian, back on animal protein, changing personal care and cleaning products to toxic free. I even make my own deodorant and sunscreen now. It is important to know that all of these steps, as slow as they manifested, were necessary. Regardless, I still battle a bit of pms, but my cycles are starting to regulate and he no longer needs a steroid for his psoriasis but we aren’t quite there yet. And this new diagnosis seems like the last draw.

    So here we are, 2 weeks into a food rotating candida free diet (sans cleanse) and already seeing huge improvements. That fogginess and vertigo, I was still experiencing that up to last month. These past two weeks have been such a change. Now we plan on doing a cleanse in August. We already have vacations and prior commitments that we know will derail us. We want to be committed. We will continue the diet until then (with the exception of said prior dinner commitments), do the cleanse and do the diet again. I feel very confident that we will both overcome this.

    If I could go back knowing our journey, and someone told me 4 years ago if I did this cleanse and diet, right now, then all my troubles would go away, I don’t think I would do it. First, I don’t think I would have had the willpower. That kind of motivation takes serious training. I think I would take the same path, because the knowledge of our bodies that has been attained in this time period is priceless. (plus our bodies are pretty prepped for this and maybe we wont be so affected by side effects) who knows. But we are both so much healthier, leaner, energized and motivated now. I don’t think I could trade that for instant gratification. So maybe there is a message in this. Things take time, but they also take diligence, hard work and sacrifice. It took me 29 years to get that “sick” so 4-5 years out seems like a cake walk.

    So in conclusion, I have 1 concern thus far. We are both showing an allergy to garlic. pretty big deal when it comes to Candida. Since he has psoriasis we know that these “allergies” can be false positives. I had very few intolerance, but garlic was one. So I’m basically at the point where I just need someone who I feel is an authority on the matter to tell me to just go for it, or don’t.

    Thanks sooo much!


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    I just need someone who I feel is an authority on the matter to tell me to just go for it, or don’t.

    There are no authorities here; only people with a Candida overgrowth, people who are battling their Candida overgrowth, and a few that have fought the battle and won who are still hanging around. But to reply to your statement above, what have you got to lose at this point?



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    Hello bobo,

    Your story sounds very similar to mine where I had a heap of health problems and no one to help me through it. After a series of changes and one year on the candida diet, I’ve basically become symptom free. The first period of killing the candida can be pretty rough, but in time things shall improve. We’ve developed a forum protocol to get better and a strict foods list that has helped many members. It is a big struggle but when you start to see the results, you want to do nothing else but improve your health.

    I am interested in seeing whether you are allergic to only garlic or all antifungals, because what you may experience as an allergy could actually be a “die off” symptom. The die-off period is intense like I said, but some people get confused between the two.

    Please update us with your progress!



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    Thank You both. And to clarify, I am very impressed with all of you that have taken this head on. I just know that the person I was 4 years ago is not the same person I am today. And the garlic allergy is just something showing up on paper. Neither of us can recall having problems with it before. We have not had it though in the past 2 weeks since it was an “allergen”. Trial and error right. That’s how we get better.

    And to me you’re all authorities if you have overcome this. Paula Dean is no longer my hero as all of you that have and are attempting to overcome are my new ones 😉

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