Would a blood test likely diagnose my problems?

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    Hello everyone! After two years of progressively getting very sick, I’ve come to the point
    (this week) where everything that had yeast in it gave my horrible throat swelling. I then looked online and noticed that every health issue I’ve had was related to a huge yeast problem. For what it’s worth, I’ve had issues with:

    -Throat pain/swelling
    -24/7 Congestion that hasn’t responded to Singulair/Benadryl/Allegra
    -Toe fungus
    -Lack of concentration
    -Cutaneous Lupus flares on my fingers (diagnosed via biopsy and triggered after eating breads)

    I had a clean driving record for 12 years until this last month when I rear ended someone after having more than enough time to notice that they were stopped. I’ve since been using public transportation because I can’t even focus while watching TV. I’ve seen 4 specialists and they all just want to treat me for allergies.

    I am going to talk to my GP and she is always very attentive when I bring things like this up to her. I really just want to fix this issue (that I think is a Candida issue) and feel better ASAP.

    Would the antibody blood tests likely show anything if I asked for them?


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    Check out this link for some good places to get some testing done:


    Sore throat may be related to other illnesses such as strept or mono.


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