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    I have really severe post nasal drip that seems to be even worse during the night and often keeps me awake tossing and turning for hours. I take reactine (antihistamine + decongestant) sometimes in excess of 6 per day, which I believe is too much but I still do it because I am very desperate to get a little relief. I used to get allergy desensitization needles but they weren’t really helping and my naturopath advised against them :(. I also take 6 quercetin now because my naturopath recommended those. in the past I have tried various saline solutions and nasal sprays but nothing really helps. nothing seems to offer any sort of relief and I cannot attempt the diet protocol again because I am awaiting the results of heavy metals testing and it may be necessary to treat this possible problem because my immune system seems to be quite weak and unable to attack the fungus inside me. so in the meantime, I am looking for something that will help me minimizing my worst symptom. thanks 🙂

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