Will taking 'Lansoprazole Gastro-resistant capsules' have an effect on candida?

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    So ive been on the candida diet for nearly 2months now, bot meanwhile ive been suffering from post-nasal drip. Nasal sprays havent cured the problem so my doc is wondering wheter the excess musuc is from my chest so has perscribed me with Lansoprazole, i think its mainly perscribed to reduce acid. I looked at the ingredients and they contain maize starch & sucrose. Will this have an effect on candida? .. Soon i will be taking candida-abx supplements so im worried combining both will give me bad side effects.

    Is it worth taking them or not?.. im not sure


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    I aslo have the nasal drip which seems to clear when i get things under control . I think once you have the candida under control and see results this will stop.
    I was on a similar treatment for years but interstingly i have since discovered i dont need them! most people have too little stomach acid not too much and these pills suppress the acid. I dont understand why the doctor has given you these pills since they are used to control and lessen the acid. i think they would cause more probles to be honest. You will find that once you find a good anti fungal the drip should lessen and stop. Its part of candida. Its up to you whether you take these pills but i wouldnt advice them if you have no stomach problems x


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    I wouldnt take it. I had heart burn/ reflux. Doc gave me nexium and my candida symptoms got REALLY bad. Stomach felt nice but everything else like shit. Apple cider vinegar diluted in water helps reflux. DGL also. Try to stay away from meds, in my experience it messes with your system that you are trying to naturally re-build. Just tailor your diet and use natural remedies, in my opinion.

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