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    Hi…I have some things to report about the labeling of ‘Organic’ in the food industry but this is my first post on this forum so best to introduce myself with some background info. I am a 62 year old retired guy who was pretty sick from systemic candida about 8 years ago. I’ve also worked out that the reason why my candida suddenly became so much worse was because I made the great mistake of having 6 separate tropical disease vaccinations in one hit as recommended by my doctor just before I moved to the Philippines — which completely ruined my immune system and my health. After much research, I deliberately avoided all modern medicine and successfully treated and cured the candida problem myself using mainly my own home grown tropical herbs and the healing methods shown on EarthClinic by Ted from Bangkok. It took a full year to cure myself completely of candida (I certainly didn’t know as much about candida then as I do now). Since that time I have tried to help as many people as I can who have serious and associated candida problems. For some years now, I have been following Ted from Bangkok’s healing methods and I spend most of my time reading and validating medical research papers. Some people collect stamps as a hobby — I enjoy reading research papers on the efficacy and safety of deliberately suppressed successful alternative therapies.

    Now to my fears about food in America labelled as ‘Organic’. Here are the current rules for any food labelled or defined as ‘Organic’ according to the rules formulated by the USDA and FDA:

    Under the Federal regulations for Labels, Labeling and Food Marketing Regulations”:

    …§ 205.305 Multi-ingredient packaged products with less than 70 percent organically produced ingredients.

    (a) An agricultural product with less than 70 percent organically produced ingredients may only identify the organic content of the product by:

    (1) Identifying each organically produced ingredient in the ingredient statement with the word, “organic,” or with an asterisk or other reference mark which is defined below the ingredient statement to indicate the ingredient is organically produced, and

    (2) If the organically produced ingredients are identified in the ingredient statement, displaying the product’s percentage of organic contents on the information panel.

    (b) Agricultural products with less than 70 percent organically produced ingredients must not display:

    The USDA [Organic] seal; [??????] and

    (2) Any certifying agent seal, logo, or other identifying mark which represents organic certification of a product or product ingredients.[/b][/i][/color][/color]
    Source: Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

    The above means therefore that any food that is certified with the Organic label may, according to the above rule definition, contain any other substance, dangerous or otherwise, provided the food contains a minimum of 70% certifiable organic food !!

    Under the USDA’s Organic Handling and Production Rules, here is how foods labeled as ‘Organic’ must be managed;

    …§ 205.206 Crop pest, weed, and disease management practice standard:

    (d) Disease problems may be controlled through:

    (1) Management practices which suppress the spread of disease organisms [way too non-specific!!]; or

    (2) Application of nonsynthetic biological, botanical, or mineral input. Any Organic product labelled as may contain any substance [again, too non-specific]
    Source: USDA Organic Management Rules

    The above rules on organic food crop management are effectively saying, in a very roundabout way — Hey, you can use any synthetic or non-synthetic chemical that you like on your organic crops !!

    The very blurry organic rule definitions above means that foods labeled as ‘Organic’ in America are effectively allowed to contain any pesticides, fungicides, additives they like — as long as the product contains at least 70% organic nutrients.

    Is it any wonder then that large fast food corporations like Pepsi, Coca Cola, MacDonald’s etc. find it so easy to get into the organic food industry ?

    So, finally, can anyone also please enlighten me and tell me now what the real difference and health benefits are between foods labeled as ‘Organic’ and ordinary processed food bought in supermarkets ?

    The only way to get food that is entirely Organic is to only buy food labeled as “100% Organic” — and that makes your food bills even more expensive and beyond the average American family’s pocket.

    I’ll try and post more relevant information on candida remedies in the future with the research evidence whenever I can.

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