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    Hello All,

    I’m fairly new to the world of Candida, and its treatment. For 8 months, I’ve been experiencing very low stomach acid, extreme weight loss, the usual stomach complaints, brainfog, thrush on my tongue, generalized tiredness, dry eyes, etc.,that go with Candida. Recently, a stool test result reviewed I have medium to high level Candida. I found this hard to believe, because I assumed that Candida was less likely in men. But I have had a history which may have predisposed me to yeast – a period of alcohol abuse and periodic steroid use when I was younger, living with M.E. for 5 years, and a lot of stress at work. My immune system has been very poor for some years, and I suspect that I was treading water due to the Candida. I’ve now begun to do the cleanse, which is leaving me feeling rather dreadful and isolated, so it’s a great comfort that there are like-minded and motivated on the forum to talk to. I’m determined to beat the yeast, so that I can resume some modicum of a ‘normal’ existence!



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    hi, Len –

    I’m a newbe too – and have suffered with ME as well, have been through the diet once already some years ago, but theres lots more knoweldge out there now about candida and so much more support!

    Like you – I’m delighted to have a forum for support and info.

    I’m sure you’ll beat the yeast,


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