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    Hello guys. I´m on 9 day of the strict diet and I´m eating 2 organics chicken steaks with 4 eggs per day and 3 times per week I eat salmon. I take 12 tablespoon of coconut oil with 6 cloves of garlics and 2 liters of water.I´m taking a renew life probiotic 50 billions. I eat also salad with brocoli and spinach and onions. But I don´t feel die off. Should I wait more days?


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    It may take longer than 9 days. If it keeps going like this, try to be careful with starches (I think there’s a bit of starch in broccoli) and if you don’t experience die off on week 3 of a very strict regime, start thinking about possible mercury poisoning (if you have mercury poisoning then candida will stay around) I’m no expert btw this is just my thoughts


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    You should try something stronger, such as oil of oregano. If after taking 15 drops of oil of oregano and you get no die-off, then you might not have candida overgrowth.

    There are a lot of things out there similar to candida overgrowth as far as symptoms as well.


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