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    Intestinal colonization with candida albicans cause inflammation and leaky gut. The increased permeability of the gut barrier makes you sensitive to food antigens.

    Backgrounds and aims

    Controversy still exists as to whether gastrointestinal colonisation by Candida albicans contributes to aggravation of atopic dermatitis. We hypothesised that Candida colonisation promotes food allergy, which is known to contribute to a pathogenic response in atopic dermatitis. We tested this using a recently established murine Candida colonisation model.


    Candida colonisation in the gastrointestinal tract was established by intragastric inoculation with C albicans in mice fed a synthetic diet. To investigate sensitisation against food antigen, mice were intragastrically administered with ovalbumin every other day for nine weeks, and antiovalbumin antibody titres were measured weekly. To examine gastrointestinal permeation of food antigen, plasma concentrations of ovalbumin were measured following intragastric administration of ovalbumin.


    Ovalbumin specific IgG and IgE titres were higher in BALB/c mice with Candida colonisation than in normal mice. Gastrointestinal permeation of ovalbumin was enhanced by colonisation in BALB/c mice. Histological examination showed that colonisation promoted infiltration and degranulation of mast cells. Candida colonisation did not enhance ovalbumin permeation in mast cell deficient W/Wv mice but did in congenic littermate control +/+ mice. Reconstitution of mast cells in W/Wv mice by transplantation of bone marrow derived mast cells restored the ability to increase ovalbumin permeation in response to Candida colonisation.


    These results suggest that gastrointestinal Candida colonisation promotes sensitisation against food antigens, at least partly due to mast cell mediated hyperpermeability in the gastrointestinal mucosa of mice.


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    Hi Jorge,
    Do you know about LDA short for low dose allergy therapy? Allergies including many if not all other symptoms of Candida are related to the suppression of T suppressor cells by mannan. You have posted before suggesting this and I have directly experienced it. LDA shots reactivate the T suppressor cells and clear all symptoms including allergies. LDA completely cleared my severe eczema, CFS, IBS, and chronic herpes in my eczema….My plan for getting actually cured is to combine diet and anti fungals with LDA. LDA reduces all inflammation and allows the immune system a chance to regain cell mediated immunity you have to commit two full years to see significant results. I am one year into it but relapsed because I was eating pie, ice cream, beers etc… With no symptoms! But I relapsed with Gastritis and now getting better. If you chelate do anti fungals, somewhat strict diet, and LDA I think a cure is possible. The diet will never cure severe cases you need immune stimulation I proved that this clears symptoms. I first learned this through powerful chinese herbs that raise certain T cells. On these medications I could eat anything with no symptoms at all. The trick is sticking to the diet somewhat and continuing medication even though you don’t feel you need it. This is just my current thinking. What do you think?

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