Why are rye and oats not allowed?

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    I have just been put onto a candida diet by my doctor but some of the information he has given me and some of the information I have found on the site seem to be conflicting. I though that 100% rye and oats were allowed as part of the ‘wheat free’ candida diet?


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    It`s best to avoid gluten containing grains when trying to get rid of candida. That means rye and oats. Buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, millet, and brown rice are better choices.


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    I eat oatmeal and have no problems. It is suppose to be gluten free. Some people say oats are not allowed, but others say it is fine and has health benefits. This candida diet is so picky! Sometimes it seems like not only am I starving the Candida, but also myself.

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