Which is more effective natural anti fungals or pharmecutical anti fungals??

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    Hey, so ive been on the diet for a while now (since february) and i was planning on taking the anti fungal diflucan in may. Im going on vaccation in july(alcohol will be consumed… i know i know its not clever of me to drink whilst on this programme) so i want to feel at my best with my candida symptoms at a mininum if any… So my initial plan was to take a couse of diflucan throughout may/june and then continue with supplements whilst on vaccation. But im now thinking may is too late to take the diflucan as its a really strong drug and is stressful on the liver and il be drinking on my vaccation. So Do you think it would be best to just stick to rotating natural anti fungals (grapefruit seed extract, garlic, apple cider vinegar etc) or will i be okay to take the diflucan and not have to worry about my symptoms reoccuring whilst on vacc?

    Please help!!

    Ps – What natural anti fungals do you recommend?

    Thanx flipperflop, ive just decdided im going to stick with natural anti fungals, not decided which yet but i will take 3 on rotation. Im worried i may build up a resistance to the diflucan which i would get most benefits from using after my vaccation rather than before so im just going to hold off and take a course in august. I also read alot about how its hard on the liver so i dont want to risk being ill whilst on vacc. Although, the diflucan has really good reviews and seems to be one of the best anti fungals out there so i would recommend it, but just take caution.


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    I use oil of oregano. and my naturopath suggests i take it whenever i cheat. like 2-5 drops in the am and in the pm.

    I havent taken diflucan since my symptoms first started 3 years ago. Back then it didnt help me at all. But my family physician suggested taking it recently. My symptoms are relatively gone but I was thinking of taking it just to knock out any candida that may still be in my system. But ièm hestitant. I didnt realize it was hard on the liver so that makes me even more hesitatnt.

    I cant imagine it being to bad if you just take it once or twice. Taking it anymore maybe but it cant be that bad. can it?

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