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    I’m hoping to hear from the experts which antibiotics you took… I know they’re all bad, but just curious to compare your treatment lengths and antibiotics vs my own. I did doxycycline 200mg twice a day for 3-4 months. Then when I couldn’t bear my skin issues I took Bactrim for 5 days until my lymph nodes turned into rocks and broke out in a rash.

    Others can weigh in too, but specifically Able and Raster. I know other aspects contributed but I’m assuming antibiotics are the root of our problems.


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    I’ve taken close to every single antibiotic on the market because I had strept as a child and they were ineffective. Strept is a parasite that grows in the absence of good bacteria.



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    In the past 5 years I have taken bactrim multiple times for mrsa, biaxin for sinus infections and the worst one Augmentum for sinus infections. Augmentum is one of the highest yeast filling antibiotics. I have been on it last year at least 7 times. The ent’s were killin me. Had sinus surgery two months ago then started doing the diet pretty much along with antifungals. Haven’t had a sinus infection since, which is amazing for me

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