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    I have been searching for good supplements to take during detox and the early part of the diet, like Molybdenum, and digestive grape bitters or swedish bitters.
    When I went to the health food store, the ones that they have available all have ingredients like alcohol in the bitters or rice flour in the Molybdenum. I am really frustrated! So rather than me searching out things on the internet that others are already taking I am asking for your links to these two things that are safe for us candida suffers to take.
    I would also like your recommendations on a probiotic to start in “phase 2”.
    Thank you for sharing your info. I feel so blessed to have a community where I can go that people understand me and don’t think that I’m crazy and should just go see a doctor.


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    My favorite brands of vitamins:

    thorne research
    standard process
    nature’s way

    These are in general pretty safe on ingredients. When I purchase vitamins online I goto google shopping to see who has the best deals. I spent $185 yesterday stocking up on vitamins for the next 3 months because my doctor is tacking on about $10 average for each bottle of vitamins.

    I would get a probiotic with DDS-1 in it (megaflora is one brand that has this), or I would consider getting HMF neuro which contains HMF: human micro flora, which supposedy binds better to the intestinal wall than any other probiotic.

    For the bitters, you can get any one you want; there is orange bitters, swedish bitters just to name a few. The swedish bitters are usually alcohol free. One of the best version of bitters that you cannot purchase anywhere is spanish bitters.

    How long have you been on the diet?



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    I have been on the diet for about a month, but that was according to the website’s list of foods. I just started the detox diet last Sunday, and with the exception of Wednesday of this week have been follwing it to the letter according to the new protocal and acceptable food list.

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