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    Today is now October 29, 2014. I’ve been on the strict anti-candida diet since October 5, 2014.

    I’ve also been taking Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Vaginal Care (50 billion CFU of 38 probiotic strains) since the beginning of September and recently (just this week) started taking Vital Nutrients Detox Formula dietary supplement, an Integris Cleanzyme enzyme/herb supplement, GarlicRich garlic supplement, and Vitanica Candidastat dietary supplement, which contains vitamin E, calcium, caprylic acid, garlic extract, milk thistle seed xtract, Oregon grape root extract, Oregon grape root, and grapefruit seed extract.

    Approximately when should I expect experience relief from the chronic yeast infections, with which I’ve been suffering for over four years???


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    Hello Trilby!

    The healing effect of dietary supplements may vary to each person and in your case, all you have to do is to see if their are any progress in your condition after a week or more. If you think that it gave you some relief, then it might be the right supplement to treat your candida.

    I’m a newbie here but I would like to take this opportunity to share my personal experiences with candida and how I overcome this condition. I was married two years ago and because of infection, I was not able to get pregnant. My husband told me to use Manuka Honey cream (it’s natural and safe), I just used it for about 4-5 times and the inflammation was gone.


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    I don’t know if I would use anything with oregon grape because its essentially an anti-biotic so it will destroy some of your beneficial bacteria. Some people battle this for years when they treat themselves. I recommend consulting a professional because you’ll heal much faster and more effectively that way.


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