When Should I Stop Taking My Antifungal Pr-Op?

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    Hi Able Hi All,

    Able at the end of this month, as I mention before I would be going to have surgery. I would to know please, when should I stop taking my antifungal. And should I stop eating rutabaga and brussel sprout. Should I continue to take coconut oil, I am taking a high amount of probiotic, as you advice, because of me having to take antibiotics.

    I am not really looking forward to this, but it must be done. Also thank you very much for your advice about my leaky gut. I have followed your suggestions, and is still following them. I am now having milk kefir again in small amount, but will increase it gradually.

    I also thank you and Raster for your advice that both of you give to us members on the forum.If I have a problem, and if it the same as any one else, I would follow your advice that you gave them, which will help me as well. Sorry for asking so many questions.

    You and Raster is doing a wonderful job, helping us.
    Once again, thank you.


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