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    I was just thinking alot about my illness, especially the causes of candida. And of course we all know from reading the forum that overuse of antibiotics and a sugary diet are the main causes of candida. But when I think about all of the people in my life who use antibiotics almost all of the time when they get a cold or flu and who eat sugary junk food, there are a lot of people who meet this criteria…….yet they do not have candida. I am trying to figure out the reasons why others do not have the condition and yet I do and have come up with some possible reasons:

    (1) we know that antibiotics attack all bacteria, whether good or bad. I was prescribed antibiotics at times when there was not a confirmed infection present (thus there was only good bacteria for the antibiotics to attack). therefore even more good bacteria are being attacked because there is no bad bacteria to attack.

    (2) I am awaiting the results of my heavy metals test, but I have strong reasons to believe that mercury or other metals are present in my body. heavy metals have an adverse effect on the immune system, thus it has less defences against organisms like fungus.

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