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    It is very common for people suffering candida to report passing mucus, white threads, and white formations in stool. This most of the time happen after an intensive antifungal intake with a very strict diet. Also, it happens after doing enemas.

    I haven’t seen any post mentioning it in my short time here. (maybe in the past??)
    I would like to know if some of you have seen something like this or similar ??

    Thanks for your contribution,


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    I have been on the diet for two weeks. I have started to pass mucus this pass week (mine is orange…yuck), which is not usual for me. It is like threads it is much more like strings. It has been everyday for the last few days. I am also constipated so I was wondering if it had something to do with this? Or die off? This did not happen the last time I was on the diet about a year ago.

    How often does it affect you dvjorge? (sorry to be so personal)

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