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    my acne caused by candida is one of the things i hate most about this disease. i don’t know what else to take.i already know i only have candida because of acne. i am taking cod liver oil, vitamin e, vitamin c, biotin, zinc, magnesium, probiotics and solaray yeast cleanse. i also use pure tea tree oil castile soap with shea butter and grapefruit seed extract to wash my face everyday. but my skin still breaks out a lot and sometimes big cysts that take weeks to go away. what are some other good supplements to take for treating acne caused by candida?


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    You need to focus on detoxing. This would include taking detox supplements that support liver such as milk thistle, nettle, artichoke, etc.

    An alternative that likely is better for your skin is to do sauna, hot tub jacuzzi, steam room, etc. up to 5 times per week.




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    Are you still having problems with acne?
    I also suffer from acne caused by Candida. They are generally large cysts made worse by facial rashes after i eat dinner. I started applying yarrow oil to my entire face multiple times a day. This greatly reduces the swelling and redness of my facial problems!
    I also use a face mask that includes avocado and bentonite clay. I hope your struggles are lessening!

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