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    Hello there !. In 2004 I was diagnosed with suspected Bipolar 2 disorder. I instinctively knew that this was wrong. I had been binge eating on white bread due to inescapable stress caused by a disruptive Aspergers adult and I also had seasonal affective disorder and eventually Post traumatic stress as I am ADHD. I had a food intolerance test done which showed bread yeast and sugar to be my main problems. I researched some more and found candida albicans of which I had 25 symptoms. When i came out of severe depression AUG 2015 I started a candida detox and diet. I initially felt really well as I cut out grains,sugar and dairy. after a couple of months I had a huge discharge of black stools and severe stomach and constipation problems. This exposed multiple food intolerances and probable leaky gut and ulcers. Now some nine months later I am still having the same symptoms what is the safest way to ease the constipation ? I am aware that this could take a couple of years to heal my stomach and severe constipation problems. I have recently cut out Spore Gone but continue with my coconut oil which seems to have helped a bit. I now eat mostly vegatable soup with a little lean chicked breast, cauliflower and brocolli.

    anyone got any advice ?

    Thanks Hunkychunky12345


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    Eating just meat and veggies didn’t work for me. Now I am eating also brown rice and lentils. I soak both the brown rice and lentils to increase digestibility. Currently experimenting with buckwheat. Have you considered homemade sauerkraut?


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    What I recommend is working with a professional that can help identify the cause of your digestive problems and then create a plan to get better from them. They likely will look at digestive enzymes, stomach acid levels, and supplementing with proper probiotics, etc. Most naturopaths can do this and you likely will get better faster.


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