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    ** I have made enormous progress in my health once I discovered what was wrong. (Candidasis) At one time I had so much inflammation and fatigue that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It was debilitating. Now I am doing well. I garden and can lead a normal life. But I am not 100%. I have persistant symptoms: chronic ear itch and flaking, extreme anal itch, mucus in eyes, no tolerance to any carb or sugar. Now I am on a quest to rid myself of this for good and be symptom free. **

    What I’ve tried along my journey: (rated)

    Diflucan: 14 days at 150mg This was a jump start and I felt great for 2 weeks after the course. Then it all slowly comes back.
    Nystatin powder: Temporarily helpful, not longterm.
    Ketoconazole: Did not help at all.

    *Most helpful:
    SF722: While on this, my symptoms are at the lowest level. I feel pretty well at the end of the bottle. But again, symptoms slowly come back if discontinued.
    Caprylic Acid: This seems to also be one of my main staples in the battle. I notice when I stop.
    Pau D’Arco: Another favorite.
    Oregano Oil: Liquid form. Very light dosage under tongue helps with sinus, mouth, ear problems.
    Manesium Oxide: Keeps colon moving the best for me.

    Favorite Probiotics:
    Innate Flora 50-14: Best in my opinion.
    Theralac: Great. (Note: this is NOT Threelac)
    Flora Balance: This is the strain Bacillus Laterosporus and I notice die off with it in my sinus area, so I can tell it’s doing something.

    Baking Soda: Expelled tons of yeast/mucus with this. It’s my favorite. I do one every other day.
    ACV: Also expelled yeast, but it was too irritating.
    Nystatin Powder: Somewhat helpful when done before the baking soda one.
    Saccharomyces boulardii: Didn’t notice any difference.
    Wheat grass: Soothing after an ACV enema.

    Candex, Candiase, Candizyme: I rotate these occasionally. Somewhat helpful.

    Mostly chicken, turkey, vegetables, eggs, almonds.
    Occasionally: brown rice, sweet potatoes.
    Blue Moon: oatmeal cookie, blue corn chips.
    Juicing: Kale, Celery, Apple in my Breville juicer.
    Coconut oil daily. 2 tablespoons
    (I know the diet is my last big hurdle and could potentially help me over the edge of this plateau I’ve reached.)

    Other helpful supplements:
    L-Glutamine and Colostrum: I continue to take both of these because I see a world of difference in my digestion when I run out.
    Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C (gel packets)

    Temporarily tried early on: (Not doing any of these now.)
    Goldenseal, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Garlic: These kill friendly flora, so I stopped.
    Samento, Olive Leaf, Parasite cleanse: Also did these for 2 weeks, then stopped.
    Collodial Silver: Very temporary to see if I felt a difference. I didn’t. Stopped.


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    So did you not notice a difference with the Olive leaf? I am trying to get a good rotation down on the antifungals. I have decided if I have to stay on these for a while then I need at least 3 that I like. The best thing that I tried so far, unfortunately, was something with goldenseal, so I had to quit using it.


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    I don’t think that eating almonds is a good idea. If you do, try only every fourth day not more then 6 a day (remove skin). You must remember to eat fish,specialy oily. My favorite are fresh sardines. Taking too many supplements may overload your system. I use to have similar problems and manage to cure it completely for 2 years. Take care.


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    how did u do baking soda enema im curious about this baking soda ingested in water is the only thing ive found that immediately relieves my bladder pain


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    Just a note on Magnesium Oxide. This specific type of magnesium irritates the colon so be careful.

    Magnesium Citrate would be a healthy alternative.

    Thanks for the updates, this is useful.


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    Kag– I do still have Olive Leaf in the refrigerator and only take it when I feel run down, because I have Epstein Barr from Mono long ago. Olive Leaf is a good anti-viral and helps with that. I’m not sure it’s strong enough in the anti-fungal department for my mess.

    Monika–Great advice. thanks! For snacking at night during TV I have a small handful of almonds. It keeps me from eating other things that are carb related.

    Hope4eva77–I just empty out a Fleet enema bottle and put in distilled water with baking soda (aluminum free). It is an amazing enema because it gets out a lot of mucus.

    Danny33–I have read that about the colon and Magnesium Oxide (that is what OxyPowder is). I don’t take it every day. But once a week I give myself a good flush with it. It works like a dream for me.


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    Ruffian- how much baking soda in the fleets bottle?


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    I use 1/2 of a tablespoon. I think that is more than most people though. Start with less if you want.


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    olive leaf extract has helped me more then candida clear an pau, you need the 2o% i take 3, 3-4 times a day make a tea with em too for enema then do a probiotic enema later after a week atleast. i havent decided whats the best probiotic for the large colon i use udo,s cause its simple not to much strains, ive herd yogurt or kefir is better it seems it could go sour in there i dont know. seems the gay community doe’s it often i get gay forums trying to learn about it


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    Now lets compare this to the products I’ve tried, rated 1-10 (1 is least effective):

    -Magnesium Chloride(made by my naturopath, anti-parasite and cleans colon) (8)
    -Juniperus Communis (liver, kidneys, general health) (10)
    -Homeodel 10 (liver/digestion) (6)
    -Unda 1, 20, 243 (liver) (6)
    -Nox Vomica (for when I cheat or feel bad) (10)

    -Undeceonic acid (SF722) (10)
    -Black Walnut extract (5)
    -Garlic capsules (4)

    -Fermented Cod Liver oil (anti-inflammatory and other properties) (contains natural ratios of vitamins A and D) (10)
    -Vitamin C (with bioflavanoids) (9)
    -Vitamin E (7)
    -Biotin (6)
    -Vitamin K (7)

    -Calcium (4)
    -Zinc (4)
    -Magnesium (4)
    -Selenium (4)

    Standard Process vitamins (very expensive):
    -Zypan (aids digestion) (8)
    -A-F betafood (gallbladder) (7)
    -Zymex II (anti-parasites and aids digestion) (5: don’t take any longer)
    -Drenamin (adrenal fatigue) (7)
    -Spanish black radish (hemorrhoids) (10)
    -Collinsonia Root (hemorrhoids) (6)
    -Cataplex E (circulation and skin) (6)

    Essential Fatty Acids:
    E3AFA (anti-seizure stuff) (9)
    Super Neurogen (anti-seizure stuff) (9)

    Other stuff:
    -Glutamine: helps with sugar sensitivity, heals leaky gut, aids digestion, more (7)
    -HMF Neuro probiotic (12.5 billion count): only probiotic with Human micro flora (10)
    -Pro-gest digestive enzymes (heals leaky gut and digests foods) (7)
    -Inulin (add it to food) (3)
    -PS-100 (Phosphatidylserine) (helps sleep and heals your inner-neuro membrane) (7)



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    I love lists! Going to check out some of your favorite homeopathics for sure. Also, the spanish black radish vitamins for hemorrhoids. Never heard of that, but am interested. How do you add inulin to food?


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    I add the inulin to my yogurt or breads, its a white powder like stevia.



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    I put the inulin into my cereal in the morning.


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    You should stop taking Inulin. Inulin goes straight to the colon and is used by bacteria and yeast.
    Candida Albicans as well as many other yeast species use Inulin as growing factor. All candida species metabolize Inulin.


    For instance, these abstracts mention how yeast species ferment Inulin.

    Selection of yeast strains for ethanol production from inulin.
    Guiraud JP, Deville-Duc T, Galzy P.
    Of the many yeast species capable of fermenting inulin, some can produce sufficient amounts of ethanol from the substrate, in particular Kluyveromyces fragilis and Torulopsis colliculosa. The results indicate the feasibility of producing ethanol from inulin-rich plants, such as Jerusalem artichoke.

    [Alcoholic fermentation of inulin by various strains of yeasts].
    [Article in French]
    Poncet S, Jacob FH, Berton MC, Couble A.
    Strains of fourteen species of yeasts able to ferment inulin without previous chemical or physical hydrolysis were studied on semi-synthetic medium by evaluation of CO2 production under anaerobic conditions. Among them, Kluyveromyces cicerisporus, Candida macedoniensis and Candida utilis showed the best kinetic characteristics of fermentation. Experiments were carried out to specify the action of different parameters such as temperature, pH and exogenous ethanol concentration. The results obtained on semi-synthetic medium were confirmed on Jerusalem artichoke juice. The optimal temperature for fermentation was 35 degrees C for the three strains, but K. cicerisporus alone conserved its fermentative capacity at 40 degrees C, at low pH (3.5) and with 6% (v/v) exogenous ethanol concentration. This strain appears to be a good yeast for industrial production of ethanol from inulin substrate.

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