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    Hey I’ve been on the diet for 3 days amd I do feel so much better (like my body has switched off). Anyway I’m not even sure if I have candida??? I have like 95% of symptoms for candida and adrenal fatigue and could be diagnosed 6 times over for both, but I’ve had no die off symptoms and really I just feel like I’m being attacked when I’m not on the diet. I constantly feel like I have a bomb in my stomach, and feel gross, and kind’ve stoned I guess!
    There’s always ups and downs of neseua throughout the day, burping out wet air in tight acidic like bouts, and I wake up with explosive diaherria every day without fail for the last 5 years (have to go within 30 minutes of waking.
    With casein/gluten it’s far worse, and this actually wakes me up from my sleep and I have to instantly go. There’s no way to hold it, not even if the fate of the world depended on it lol. the pain is so unbearable to the point of not being able to stand up, then I’ll have days where it barely hurts me no different to sugars and preservatives and crap (explain that one lol).

    But I’m on day 3 and there’s no die off or anything (I’m not feeling worse that’s for sure), I swear I’m dizzier and have a shorter fuse (happens on days anyways even when I’m eating sugar) and that’s about it it’s far too subtle to tell anyway. I still have had diarrhea but I remember last year when I went on the diet this sort’ve stopped/improved and felt so much better, I definitely wasn’t forced to go to the toilet.

    Every time I start the diet, the same thing happens, all the flatulence/crazy abdominal activity complete ceases, it feels like I don’t even have digestive system inside me as though it’s been surgically removed I can’t feel my stomach, I can’t describe how amazing it feels to feel absolutely no activity at all I didn’t even think it was normal for healthy people, feels too perfect. All the other times I started the diet I didn’t go toilet at all for the first day or 2 which was so scary considering I routinely do without choice 30min everyday after waking, this time is the only time I’ve still had diarrhea, I usually get constipated 2 days after starting it maybe it’s just late this time. I’ve also noticed that for some reason I need to go toilet more than once a day once I start the diet (after the constipation phase). Only other times this happens is when I’m poisoned by gluten/dairy Sorry if this seems hard to read, looking at this screen for so long has made me incredibly dizzy!!

    So does anyone think I have candida or possibly something else? I feel I do but this die off feels very unorthodox, and there’s no static connection to anything, sometimes I’ll eat sugar get no reaction, then I will, or I will 2 days later you know, it’s too confusing!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    The constant diarrhea sounds like intestinal bad bacterial overgrowth. Excess bad bacteria usually causes diarrhea(bad acid production), whereas candida will cause constipation. The condition might be coupled with some yeast overgrowth. You might need to get some testing done to help determine your gut flora. Sounds like a gut flora imbalance. Downsize the pathogens and try to rebuild the good flora. Not an easy task. You feeling kind of stoned can be from the excess of ammonia that the bad bacteria is producing. Casein and gluten become even harder to digest when you don’t have the necessary certain strains of good bacteria to help break it down properly. Might be a good idea to limit the high ammonia producing foods. Its Been my experience that protein shakes and harder to digest meats/dairy can contribute to higher ammonia levels.


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    If you seem to no longer have symptoms when you are on a candida diet, you may have severe food allergies. An elimination diet is the best way to find out if food allergies are an issue. There may be ingredients or food groups absent from the candida diet that you happen to be allergic too. And therefore you feel better when those foods are eliminated. I would normally jump to assuming it’s a bacterial imbalance, but if it was that, I would think you have the symptoms even on the candida diet. With a bacterial imbalance that severe, I would think you’d need more than a diet change to see results that drastic. But I’m just guessing…

    If you have an intolerance to dairy and/or gluten, a minuscule amount of either one can cause drastic symptoms. Mere traces can be a huge problem for some people. If you ever eat out, cross contamination can be a problem. For instance, you choose a gluten free meal at a restaurant, however they cook the food in a wok that has traces of soy sauce on it and therefore gluten gets in the food anyway. I’ve found with a gluten intolerance, I only do well if I eat at home in order make sure there is absolutely none of it. Gluten can be hidden in many foods (soups, salad dressings, sauces) and anything with modified food starch or even caramel coloring could contain gluten.

    I would completely eliminate dairy and gluten (maybe even eggs, which are a common allergen), even traces of it, and see if this helps. In addition, gluten is like gum in your body. It will stick to your intestines and continue to irritate your system long after you’ve eaten it. If someone eats gluten only once, they can have a reaction for an entire week because it takes that long to leave the system. Gluten can cause brain fog as well, so the spacey feeling you experience could be that.

    I highly suggest a supplement such a psyllium hulls if you are still having the diarrhea. Psyllium can also grab onto the gluten or allergen that has stuck to your intestinal walls, and carry it out of your system. Having diarrhea this long can cause severe nutritional deficiencies. Psyllium is wonderful for this and so is ginger. Even if you can’t find out the cause right away, using supplements to curb the symptoms is important because it’s incredibly hard on the body to have diarrhea for even a couple days. Your mineral levels decrease horribly and they are very important for basic health processes.

    Some supplements can cause diarrhea as well. Magnesium is famous for causing that problem and large amounts of vitamin C as well. If you are taking either of these, try stopping them for a week and see what happens…I ran into this problem myself with magnesium but because it was intermittent, I didn’t suspect it for quite a while. A few days after I stopped the magnesium, the problem went away.

    Sorry if you already know everything I’ve just said. 🙂 I figured I should cover all the major bases in case you haven’t look into some of this info yet. 🙂 Candida is a sneaky condition and tends to not be very predictable, so that very well may be your issue…


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    Hey thanks for the help i’ll look into that, something i’ll suggest to the gastroenterologist, I haven’t had a colonoscopy/endoscopy so I guess that’s the next step.. I’ve actually been gluten/a1 casein free (a2 doesnt affect me)for almost 2 years now, things felt amazing at first and then went back to bad, now I can’t eat gluten/a1 at all without more severe reactions compared to before I went gfcf.
    Something weird happened yesterday, had yeasty stool, (was more solid and not liquid, was very white in colour and looked very puffy. Today is the first day I haven’t had to go toilet straight away after waking (for months basically if not EVERY day). It’s only day 5 but from the looks of it I may actually have candida?

    I noticed candida on my tongue a lot (seems every person on the planet has a lot of candida on their tongue so I don’t get why they’re not all so sick). I’ve always tried scrubbing it off with a tooth brush and usually it just smears and doesn’t come off, well today I tried again as it looked kind’ve different in colour and it scraped off with ease!! I also woke up today and it hasn’t grown back, tongue is still nice and red.

    I can’t thank you guys enough for the input!!! I really appreciate it!!

    edit: 12hrs after brushing and it’s already grown back lol, is this normal?


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    That could be food allergies. When you start adding things back in, you’ll have a better idea.

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