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    i need basically a fitness program for beginners. i want to tone my body. i’ve heard that a good exercise is one where you hold out your arms and move them in circles. that kind of thing. i just need something laid out for me to follow and i’ll do it. i just don’t know what to do or where to begin?

    While searching net i got these this from dailyfitnesstips4u.com site. But don’t know are they really good?

    A good fitness program consists of the followings:

    1. Cardio exercise – choose a cardio (running, swimming, walking, biking, jumping rope…….etc) you enjoy doing and do it 3-4 times per week, for 20-30 mins each. The cardio burns off body fat, strengthens your heart to keep it in good shape. It also expands your lung capacity so you’re able to take in more oxygen into your body

    2. Toning exercise/strength training – it helps you build muscles and burns off body fat even more efficiently since muscles are metabolically active, so they burn more fat. Do 3-4 times per week, for 10-20 mins each

    3. Stretching – it helps to increase your flexibility and maintains your muscles in nimble and flexible state so that you move efficiently and you’ve lower risk of injuries. Stretch for 3 times per week for about 10-15 mins each

    4. Eat healthy, nutritious diet, to maintain good health and keep excess weight off


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    The exercise program a person chooses should depend on the present health state of the individual, and I have no idea as far as your health is concerned. The fitness program you described is for fairly healthy people with no immune system problem. If you have a Candida albicans infestation, then your immune system is not at its top performance. In order to heal the immune system, much more rest than normal is needed, and strenuous exercise can hinder this accomplishment. Walking and stretching, therefore are all I would recommend without more information.



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    I second what able is saying. One of the most important things you need during phase 1 of the diet is plenty of rest. I would think that you would be able to handle light workouts during phase 2.


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