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    my usual breakfast smoothie:
    1/2 cucumber
    2 stalks celery
    1 lemon, juiced
    chunk of ginger
    hemp seeds
    sometimes spinach, hemp oil, chia

    if i don’t have time hot buckwheat takes 2 minutes in the microwave w/lots of cinnamon

    always nice to have on hand some hard boiled eggs, you might not react to these in the very near future


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    I drink pint of kefir first thing in the morning, then take shower and have a bowl of buckwheat puffs with greek yogurt + cinamon. It keeps me going till midday.


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    Gluten doesn’t really bother me which I hardly eat. I have the puffed Kumat a few times a week, its good.


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    How long do you all cook buckwheat for your cereal?


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    I get the water boiling, then just cook it on medium-low until it’s a texture I like…I leave a little water in because I add chia seeds and hemp protein and that sucks up some more water.


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    Some great suggestions! Thanks guys! I made chicken bone broth for the first time today and absolutely love it! Highly recommend it, so tasty!



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    Mooch, Gluten is one thing that bothers everyone who has Candida. It’s not a food item that can be added in any Candida diet. I just want to make this point because it seems like your having a lot of trouble healing, I would seriously consider taking any and all gluten out of your diet.


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    Hi Lmm,

    I had no reactions to eggs but was consuming a lot of them between the scrambled eggs, the bread, and the pumpkin bread.

    Once I removed them I noticed I felt a lot better. I encourage everyone to try a week with eggs and a week without eggs to see if there is any difference. My naturopath said that eggs produce an antigen which protects candida.


Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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