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    Hard to digest starches: beans, dairy (we don’t have enzymes to digest these and instead our bacteria ferment these)

    High fructose: most fruits, honey, bread

    Prebiotics: onions, leeks, garlic

    Despite the suggestion that starchy foods are bad for candida, I’ve found that potatoes, rice and oats cause no candida for me. Whatsoever. I think 80% of my calories come those 3 foods and my digestive system is working just fine.

    So what causes candida? I think a lot of our symptoms could be from SIBO. The anti-candida diet, with emphasis on hard to digest foods such as nuts, seeds, eggs, probiotic yoghurt, honey, onions, garlic is actually bad for us. Anything that feeds bacteria, whether it’s prebiotics, probiotics, hard to digest food, is proliferating the bad bacteria in our guts.

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