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    I need to add food that allow me to get more nutrition, weight, and quick energy. I don’t know what is the experience people have here with beans and would like to hear you. What beans ?? Black ?? Lentils ?? Peas ?? I don’t want anything that compromise the results.


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    I eat garbanzo beans only and have eaten throughout my treatment (phase 1 and 2). I eat them in small amounts, about 10-20 per each salad.



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    Lentils seem like a good choice. Only 60% total carbs with more than half made up of fibre and over 25% protein. Even if you have a 30-40g serving, it’s some pretty good nutrition. You can make some tasty Indian recipes with them too. There are various kinds of dhal with a similar nutritional profile, like yellow split peas or mung beans.


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    Thank you. I definitely have to increase my food. I will consider garbanzo, lentils, split peas, and black beans.


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    Two of the best beans you can eat are mung and aduki. They are easy to digest but most importantly they have specific properties that are helpful for those with Candida and those who are looking for a non meat protein meal. Mung beans benifit the liver and gallbladder and are cleansing to the heart and vascular system and remove toxins. Aduki beans are great because they dry damp conditions aka Candia and fungus. These two beans can be eaten more than other beans. Lentils however are also one of the easiest legumes to digest so if you are able to tolerate beans then you could try starting with a small amount.


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    Hello, Jorge.

    Some of the beans that are lowest in carbohydrates and the ones I started eating after I completed the treatment are:

    Green beans, pinto beans, canned baby lima beans, black beans, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, and refried beans. I’ve had good success with all of these.

    As a note to readers: The only beans on this list that should be eaten during the Candida treatment are green beans.



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    I didn’t know that we could eat mung dal, anyway that great to know.
    What about toor dal any idea?

    and, dvjorge, how are you doing now. Have you recovered completely, whats your status with enemas, and how is your diet.


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    every so often I will have lentils in a chicken dhansak, but using buckwheat as the rice substitute.

    otherwise I don’t.

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